LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 21: Jeremy Lin #7 of the Golden State Warriors goes up for a basket against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on November 21 2010 in Los Angeles California. The Lakers won 117-89. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that by downloading and or using this photograph User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Jason Richardson Scores 25 Points, Suns Defeat Warriors 107-101

Jason Richardson returns once again to the Oracle and Warrior fans will smile. Luckily, the Warriors finally face a team that plays worse or less defense than they do. That should keep Warriors smiling, too.

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Suns 107, Warriors 101 - Jason Richardson and Steve Nash Prove Too Much For Turnover Prone Warriors

The mental mistakes, night in and night out, have killed the Warriors chances at every opportunity. And as a result, the Warriors fall to 8-11, sliding faster and faster down their division.

In 3 consecutive possessions in the 4th quarter, the Warriors were unable to execute offensively or defensively to close the 5-7 point gap, in large part existing because of the Warriors own dysfunction than anything the Suns actually did.

With 3 minutes left, Monta Ellis missed two free throws, which would have brought the Warriors within 1. On the next possession, Ellis bumped Steve Nash for a blocking foul that put Nash on the line, making both freebies. On the next possession Ellis’ costly double dribble became a jumper by Jason Richardson with the shotclock hitting zero, putting the Suns back up by 7. Then, after playing tough defense, forcing the Suns into a wild shot with the shot clock hitting zero again, Dorell Wright reached and was called for a foul, putting the Suns back on the line, stretching the lead even further.

But these kinds of miscues were no exception but the rule tonight. They held the Suns to "only" 22 free throw attempts (missing 1). But the Warriors only made 10 of 17 free throws for a horrendous 56%.

Jason Richardson deserved the game ball for putting a dagger in the hearts of Warriors fan, ending every small Warriors run with a jumper. He finished with 25 points on 10-15 shooting.

Steve Nash collected a double-double with 13 points to go with his 15 assists.

In what seemed to be a much anticipated showdown between crafty point guards in elder Steve Nash and his seeming replacement in Stephen Curry was much to be desired. Curry finished with 9 points, 7 assists, and 4 steals. A non-factor for most of the game,  Curry did not register an assist after halftime

Gone from Curry’s scoring repertoire are the flip shots and floaters that Steve Nash has perfected and made into a weapon that ever point guard now utilizes in their toolkit. Instead, we saw poor decision making and unnecessary fouls.

Ellis led the Warriors 38 points on 15-27 shooting, but had several poor fouls and turnovers down the stretch. David Lee, playing 44 minutes, had 25 points, 8 boards, and 5 assists.


Sun 52, Warriors 49 - Alley-oop Marathon By Suns, Monta Ellis and David Lee Lead Warriors

To use another Will Ferrel movie, the Suns’ second quarter play couldn’t be captured more perfectly than by the Flint Tropics when they invented and implemented the the “alley-oop” play over-and-over again in the championship game, as “Coffee Black” is any Suns player that Steve Nash is tossing dimes to.

The Warriors have been unable to defend the alley-oop and if anything “alley-OOPS” is a better way to describe how the Warriors have been trying to defend it, which is by fouling in poor attempts at getting out of the way. On two specific instances, Channing Frye and Grant Hill, respectively, were rising up to snag the pass, only to be bumped on the way up en route to pointless fouls. Alley-oops can be game changing plays, but considering the Warriors fouling problem as of late, letting opponents kill you at the line doesn’t seem the best thing to do.

On the other end, Warriors attempts at alley-oops have hardly been successful. Monta Ellis through a poor pass to Rodney Carney. Watching the Warriors in transition has been ugly as a 4 on 2 ended in overpassing and brick by Charlie Bell from 3 feet out.

Jason Richardson and Grant Hill both have 14 points each. Hill has only missed one shot. The Suns are shooting 56% from the field.

The Warriors have 8 steals already, but they have not been able to capitalize on this, squandering, as I just mentioned, transition opportunities.

Leading the Warriors is Monta Ellis and David Lee, 16 and 14 points respectively. Stephen Curry has 7 assists and 3 steals against 2 turnovers.


Suns 31, Warriors 20 - Stephen Curry Eye Injury and Warriors Ice Cold Like Oksana Baiul

Midway through the first, Warriors PG Stephen Curry was poked in the eye by Suns Earl Barron as both collided for a loose ball. Hopefully this isn’t some crazy Amar’e Stoudemire eye injury of a torn iris.

But the real question is: What’s colder than dry ice?


Oksana Baiul.

Wrong, it’s actually the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors, after one quarter, are shooting 39%. Flip shots, jumpers, runners …you name it, they can’t make it. On top of that, turnovers again are hurting the Warriors who have already racked up 5 turnovers. Dorell Wright and Monta Ellis both shot 2-7 from the field. That’s terrible. The Warriors need easier buckets and give it up to the Suns for contesting every drive into the paint. Maybe their defense isn’t as bad as it looks?


Suns @ Warriors - Golden State of Mind Tempers Expectations Tonight With Humor

Golden State of Mind writers and fans of the site always look at the brighter side of things even as their team seems to be reverting back to it's old defenseless and losing ways. No, this isn't some rant about why the Warriors have the best fans. But their realistic spin on awkward situations -- i.e. losing by blowouts -- always makes the Warriors piling losses bearable at the very least.

Case in point, tonight's gamethread is a place where all you Warrior fans should head to for a hilarious reminder of what being a Warriors fan is all about. In tonight's Golden State of Mind game thread, Fantasy Junkie does something proper by showing us great Amar'e Stoudemire moments of Golden State Warriors history where he literally made a name for d-league call-up Anthony Tolliver last season by posterizing him, a highlight that has since become one of the greatest highlights in NBA history. 

But here's what the GSoMers have to say about tonight's game:

From GSoM contributor, Fantasy Junkie:


Warriors by 7
Combined score of 250!
Andris Biedrins and David Lee collect double doubles
Stephen Curry scores 40
Steve Nash with 16 assists
Amare's line: 0 points, 0 rebounds


When asked by another GSoMer ROMESdavidWood37 what in the sports world lately is the most intriguing headline, here's what MYK had to say:

I was really hoping that the attendance in Cleveland would be like 7,000. More of a middle finger to LeBron and the NBA.
When you're in a bad break up, and you have an encounter with your ex, do you wanna come off as pissed, jealous, upset, show that it's still something that is bothering you?

Hell no! You wanna play it cool, a sort of "I just don't give a f***" attitude. Has a way more profound impact.

If I was a Cleveland fan, would be telling everyone I know to ignore LeBron.

He's been anticipating walking into that arena and getting the worst reception ever seen in North America. Portuguese wing Legend Luis Figo returned to Barcelona with Real Madrid. Had cell phones, and even a decapitated pigs head thrown at him..... hard to top that. But that rivalry is like no other in sports, not only is it an over 100 year old rivalry, it is an sociopolitcal and ethnic one as well.

Anyway, my point is that LeBron doesn't care whether you love him or hate him as long as your attention is on him.

That's why you gotta ignore him.

Clearly, the Warrior fans already know the stakes of tonights game. Lebron! 

Thank you GSoM for helping me stomach the Warriors seeming return to mediocrity.

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