Poor Shooting Costs Warriors in 102-97 Defeat To Start Road Trip

The Warriors new mantra is "Defense Travels Well." The Warriors hope they brought defense travels with in the first game of a four game road trip.

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Golden State Of Mind: Link Dump Of Warriors 97, Pistons 102

Golden State of Mind is quick with it as always with IQofaWarrior already updating his links for tonight’s close loss to the, possibly, surging Detroit PIstons. Click on the hyperlink for constant updating of new sources from local bay area sports writers on tonights game.

Luckily the Warriors don’t seem to bothered, publicly at least, about their loss. David Lee provides some perspective (via Warriors.com recap).

On Getting Balance On Offense:
“That will come with the passing game. Luckily we are struggling a little bit with our offense game, myself included, but we are still 4-2 right now. It would be real easy to struggle like this and be behind the eight ball, but instead we are way ahead of the game. We need to forget this one and go into Toronto and get a victory.”

The Warriors are still figuring things out as a team and to some extent it’s true that the they need more time together on the road given how injuries went during the preseason. But this seemed like a game that the Warriors should have won.


Recap: Warriors 97, Pistons 102 - Costly Turnovers And Lack Of Size Hurt Warriors In Second Half

The Warriors need to practice catching passes with their hands and not their faces.

On two occasions in the second half, Warrior inbound passes ricocheted off the backs or side of the face of the intended Warrior player. These miscues led to easy buckets for the Pistons, extending the lead anytime the Warriors began to narrow gap.

On one particular play, Andris Biedrins intended to send a pass to Monta Ellis except that the ball ended up hitting the side of David Lee’s face who so happened to be running between them at the wrong time. But if that wasn’t bad enough, David Lee, surprised, turned around and shot Biedrins a look of frustration instead of retrieving the loose ball. With Warriors standing around in bewilderment at what just happened (in front of their bench no less), the Pistons rushed to ball and brought it in for an uncontested layup.

In the fourth quarter, Vladimir Radmanovic did the same thing throwing an ill-advised in-bound pass to a non-looking Monta Ellis, picked off and in for an easy score for Charlie Villanueva.

Turnovers were the difference maker as the Warriors went on stretches during the third and fourth quarter without getting a shot up at all. Stephen Curry picked up two offensive fouls, one on a push off, the same one he was called for against the Utah Jazz. David Lee was called for travelling and then threw a cross-court pass that was intercepted for an easy breakaway layup.

But turnovers alone didn’t cost them the game. The Pistons big men who played solid defense, sent away shots at a much higher clip than the first half. With momentum shifting in the favor of the Pistons, Charlie Villanueva blocked one of Curry’s drives, proving that he wasn’t the most “cancerous player on his team and the league.” Tayshaun Prince also blocked David Lee spinning through the lane in the 4th quarter. Lee has struggled finishing in the paint so far this season and the trend continues on the road, even as he battles against mediocre, yet bigger and possibly more athletic front court players.

The Pistons backcourt as well proved to be a challenge, defensively, for Curry particularly. Rodney Stuckey took control in the 4th quarter, powering himself into the lane on several occasions, drawing fouls and getting to the line. He finished the game with 21 points on 9 assists. Curry also struggled to defend Ben Gordon who, in the second half, easily drove by for a few buckets.

Curry scored 6 of his 12 points in the fourth quarter, but shot 3-12 from the field. Ellis led the Warriors with 24 points, but missed all 5 of his 3 point attempts.

The Warriors sloppy play was costly, but the Pistons won the battle of the matchups in the backcourt and the frontcourt was equally as detrimental to the Warriors down the stretch.

Game notes: During half-time as teammates were warming up, Tracy McGrady, stayed in his warmups, and chatted courtside with some women…Austin Daye’s shooting shirt was tucked way too deep into his warm pants…Unlike the Warrior Girls, the Pistons’ dancers did not make any wardrobe changes…unlike the typical Jock Jams fare of the Oracle Arena, Pistons fans apparently prefer Taylor Swift at key junctures of the game as well as Village Peoples’ YMCA.


Detroit Pistons 49 - Golden State Warriors 45: Ws Hang Close In Spite Of Poor Shooting

The Golden State Warriors have shot below 40% throughout the first half, but equally poor shooting by the Pistons has kept the Warriors in this game, trailing 49-45 at halftime. It should have been much closer, or even tied, if not for a tough sequence to end the half.

Rodney Stuckey drove into the lane with the half about to run out on the half and dished the ball to Greg Monroe. Monroe went up for the shot and scored while getting fouled. Monroe then missed his free throw but Tayshaun Prince grabbed the rebound and scored a layup as time expired. The quasi four point play put the Pistons up 49-45 to end the half.

The Warriors have struggled shooting but are hanging close thanks to some timely baskets. Dorell Wright struggled after a strong first quarter, but Stephen Curry got on the board, along with Vladimir Radmanovich and Rodney Carney.

The Warriors defense has had its moments but has struggled at times as the Pistons have received strong contributions throughout their lineup. Charlie Villanueva leads the team with 11 points, but Richard Hamilton and Rodney Stuckey each contributed 9 points as well.


Detroit Piston 27 - Golden State Warriors 26: Warriors Hanging Close In Spite Of Bad Shooting

The Golden State Warriors kicked off their first road trip of the season with a fairly ugly first quarter, but find themselves trailing by only one point, 27-26, at the first media timeout of the second quarter. The Warriors have shot 11-for-30 and are 0-fer from three point range. Of course, Detroit hasn’t been much better as they are shooting 11-for-27 and also are scoreless from three point range.

Defense has been the big mantra for the Warriors but I’d imagine this game has been as much about bad shooting as defense thus far. Our Warriors contributor Brian Chung is in attendance at the game and will have plenty to say, but on tv it’s not pretty.

Dorell Wright has been the leading scorer for the Warriors thus far with eight points while filling up the box score with three rebounds, two assists and a steal. Monta Ellis has six points with a couple of particularly sweet shots while Andres Biedrins is dominating on the boards with eight rebounds so far. Stephen Curry is struggling thus far, shooting 0-for-4 with zero points. The Warriors have to hope he gets it going as he continues his recovery from the ankle injury earlier this season.

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