NFL Draft 2011 Picks: Owen Marecic, Richard Sherman, Ryan Whalen, Mike Mohamed Highlight Day 3

Cameron Jordan, California Golden Bears defensive end, highlights the numerous Cal, Stanford and local Bay Area prospects that'll hear their names called in the 2011 NFL Draft. Stephen Paea, Taiwan Jones, Mason Foster, Shane Vereen and Sione Fua also expect to hear their names called at some point.

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USC Trojans Most Pac-12 NFL Draft 2011 Picks, Cal & Stanford 2nd; Colorado Buffaloes Most First Rounders

The California Golden Bears and Stanford Cardinal still can't beat the USC Trojans when it comes to producing pro-worthy talent. USC put up nine players in the 2011 NFL Draft, and even when you discount the players from the sixth and seventh rounds (free agent territory), even when you had three Trojans picked up LATE in the seventh round, they still have five guys who are very likely to make an NFL roster next spring.

Cal and Stanford finished in a tie for second with (surprisingly) the Colorado Buffaloes (who had the most first round picks of any Pac-12 team), with four each. Here's a summary of all the draft picks from Pac-12 football teams.

USC (9) (SB Nation Site: Conquest Chronicles)

1st round, 9th pick - Tyron Smith, OT - Dallas Cowboys

3rd round, 77th pick - Jurrell Casey, DT - Tennessee Titans

3rd round, 89th pick - Shareece Wright, CB - San Diego Chargers

4th round, 102nd pick - Jordan Cameron, TE - Cleveland Browns

6th round, 182nd pick - Ronald Johnson, WR - San Francisco 49ers

6th round, 187th pick - Allen Bradford, RB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

7th round, 240th pick - Stanley Havili, FB - Philadelphia Eagles

7th round, 241st pick - David Ausberry, WR - Oakland Raiders

7th round, 242nd pick - Malcolm Smith, OLB - Seattle Seahawks

Cal (4) (SB Nation Site: California Golden Blogs)

1st round, 24th pick - Cameron Jordan, DE - New Orleans Saints (for more on Jordan, go here)

2nd round, 56th pick - Shane Vereen, RB - New England Patriots (for more on Vereen, go here)

3rd round, 93rd pick - Chris Conte, S - Chicago Bears (for more on Conte, go here)

6th round, 189th pick - Mike Mohamed, ILB - Denver Broncos (for more on Mohamed, go here)

Colorado (4) (SB Nation Site: The Ralphie Report)

1st round, 17th pick - Nate Solder, OT - New England Patriots

1st round, 27th pick - Jimmy Smith, CB - Baltimore Ravens

4th round, 118th pick - Jalil Brown, CB - Kansas City Chiefs

7th round, 227th pick - Scotty McKnight, WR - New York Jets

Stanford (4) (SB Nation Site: Rule of Tree)

3rd round, 97th pick - Sione Fua, DT - Carolina Panthers (for more on Fua, go here)

4th round, 124th pick - Owen Marecic, FB - Cleveland Browns (for more on Marecic, go here)

5th round, 154th pick - Richard Sherman, CB - Seattle Seahawks (for more on Sherman, go here)

6th round, 167th pick - Ryan Whalen, WR - Cincinnati Bengals (for more on Whalen, go here)

Arizona Wildcats (3) (SB Nation Site: Arizona Desert Swarm)

2nd round, 42nd pick - Brooks Reed, DE - Houston Texans

6th round, 197th pick - Ricky Elmore, DE - Green Bay Packers

7th round, 215th pick - De'Aundre Reed, DE - Minnesota Vikings

Oregon St. Beavers (3) (SB Nation Site: Building the Dam)

2nd round, 53rd pick - Stephen Paea, DT - Chicago Bears

5th round, 140th pick - Gabe Miller, OLB - Kansas City Chiefs

5th round, 145th pick - Jacquizz Rodgers, RB - Atlanta Falcons

UCLA Bruins (3) (SB Nation Site: Bruins Nation)

2nd round, 39th pick - Akeem Ayers, OLB - Tennessee Titans

2nd round, 45th pick - Rahim Moore, S - Denver Broncos

6th round, 184th pick - David Carter, DT - Arizona Cardinals

Utah Utes (2) (SB Nation Site: Block U)

5th round, 139th pick - Brandon Burton, CB - Minnesota Vikings

6th round, 179th pick - Caleb Schlauderaff, OG - Green Bay Packers

Washington Huskies (2) (SB Nation Site: UW Dawg Pound)

1st round, 8th pick - Jake Locker, QB - Tennessee Titans

3rd round, 84th pick - Mason Foster, ILB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Arizona St. Sun Devils (1) (SB Nation Site: House of Sparky)

7th round, 233rd pick - Lawrence Guy, DT - Green Bay Packers

Oregon Ducks (1) (SB Nation Site: Addicted To Quack)

4th round, 116th pick - Casey Matthews, ILB - Philadelphia Eagles

Washington St. Cougars (1) (SB Nation Site: CougCenter)

6th round, 203rd pick - Zachary Williams, C - Carolina Panthers

Pac-12 fans, let us know in the comments: Which Pac-12 school produced the best talent in the 2011 NFL Draft? Who will be the best pro of these 37 draftees? 

(HT ttgiang15 of Bear Insider).


Denver Broncos Draft Picks: Cal Linebacker Mike Mohamed, Sixth Rounder

The fifth and sixth rounds of the NFL Draft is where the linebackers (particularly on the inside) start getting picked out. There are so many solid inside linebackers that can get guys on the ground, play passing lanes, and blitz the quarterback. They all look the same, so it's difficult to figure out who will make it at the next level.

So it makes perfect sense that a strong, productive, but unexciting linebacker like Mike Mohamed ends up being picked midway through the sixth round by the Denver Broncos. It's no knock on Mohamed, who Cal fans all recognize was an essential part of our defense last season, but he doesn't really stand out, meaning he'll have to work his way onto a roster despite being picked. The Broncos are loaded with linebackers, and Mohamed will need to prove his worth with his intelligence, high football IQ, and his strong all-around game.

Broncos fans, what do you think of the pick? Let us know in the comments and go to Mile High Report to discuss the pick with other Denver fans. Cal fans, check out California Golden Blogs for more on Mohamed.


Cincinnati Bengals Draft Picks: Stanford Wide Receiver Ryan Whalen, Sixth Rounder

The Cincinnati Bengals look like they might be starting over. They claim they're not trading Carson Palmer, but the drafting of Andy Dalton could signal they're ready to look toward the future. Terrell Owens is leaving, Chad Ochocinco has one foot out the door, and picking A.J. Green with their first pick is a sign they're ready to revamp the receiving corps.

Stanford Cardinal wide receiver Ryan Whalen is on his way too. Whalen provides a great possession receiver for the Bengals, someone who can come in, run routes, and be a great third/fourth option for a team that wants to look for someone to pick up those extra yards. Whalen was the favorite target of freshman quarterback Andrew Luck in 2009; when Whalen got injured for a period in 2010, he never really found his way back up to the top three, but Luck did manage to target Whalen enough in their three/four/five wide receiver sets (41 receptions with nearly 25% of the season missed).

Cincy fans, what do you think of the pick? Let us know in the comments! For reaction from fellow Bengals fans, check out Cincy Jungle. For Stanford fans, talk about Ryan over at Rule of Tree.


Seattle Seahawks Draft Picks: Richard Sherman, Stanford Cornerback, Fifth Round Pick

The Stanford Cardinal pass defense was terrible in 2009. Absolutely awful. But that wasn't the fault of Richard Sherman, who made a pretty strong transition from wide receiver to cornerback and thrived in that role. He made plenty of interceptions off of bad throws, racked up the tackles, and can break up passes. In 2010 with a pro guy like Vic Fangio, Sherman finally got to perform for a moderately consistent offense. Sherman could be a guy who could perform quite well in man-press coverage and play tall receivers straight up, particularly on that fade route.

Sherman also fits the mold of the bigger type of cornerback that can be physical with the tall receivers at the next level. Pete Carroll recruited Sherman when he was at USC, but wanted to prove that "kids from Compton could attend a school like Stanford". Inspiring player, and certainly the kind of guy you root for. Carroll must be happy to get a second chance to coach him.

Seahawks fans, what do you think of the pick? Let us know in the comments, or go to Field Gulls to discuss! Stanford fans, head over to Rule of Tree to talk it up!


Cleveland Browns Draft Picks: Stanford Fullback Owen Marecic, 4th Round

Owen Marecic of the Stanford Cardinal was considered by Jim Harbaugh to be the perfect football player, and he'll be taking his talents to a situation where he'll probably have to be perfect to get on the field early. Marecic is headed to the Cleveland Browns, where he'll have to work his way up to get into the offensive groove of things. The Browns already have a solid fullback in Lawrence Vickers, who was considered a Pro Bowl snub last year. Marecic will probably start his career in special teams and try and work his way up to get into the offensive rotation. He doesn't really have any chance of being a linebacker.

At least with Peyton Hillis, the Browns now have the potential for the first all-white backfield since ... when? That's always different. It's a little high to get Marecic, but still.

Browns fans, what do you think of the pick? Let us know in the comments and go to Dawgs by Nature (our Browns SB Nation site) to discuss! Stanford fans, discuss at Rule of Tree!


2011 NFL Draft Updates: Sione Fua Final Pick Of Day 2, En Route To Carolina Panthers

The last draft pick of the 3rd round of the 2011 NFL Draft features the first Stanford Cardinal player taken. Sione Fua was widely sought after because he plays at a position that generally translates well toward the pros, the 3-4 nose tackle. While Fua doesn’t have the size to play that position at the next level, defensive tackle might be the place for him, and the Carolina Panthers are willing to take their chances.

Fua was solid in Stanford’s 3-4 system as he shifted over from the defensive tackle position. While it wasn’t a particularly great year for Pac-10 offensive lines, Fua made things difficult for a lot of teams inside, and made it easier for the Cardinal to stop the run and force quarterbacks to throw the ball a lot more than they would’ve been comfortable with.

Interesting nugget—Carolina received this pick after losing Julius Peppers. So it’s a fairly apt trade: A defensive lineman for a defensive lineman, eh?

Panthers fans, what do you think of the pick? Let us know in the comments!

For reaction from Carolina fans, check out Cat Scratch Reader. For reaction from Stanford fans, check out Rule of Tree.


2011 NFL Draft Third Round Picks: Chris Conte Grabbed By Chicago Bears

Safeties are not easy to come by in the NFL. You never can really tell. You have to see how they develop, how well they tackle, how good their cover skills are, how well they can contain the run, etc. etc. So it’s never an easy task to pick one, but a lot of them usually go a little bit earlier than people expect.

Chris Conte of the California Golden Bears seems to be the latest example, as he gets picked 93rd by the Chicago Bears. The Bears have plenty of defensive talent, so Conte might have to wait his turn before he sees the field, but that might be the ideal situation for him to grow and develop as a pro player. Conte is used to being displaced, as he spent most of his time at Cal playing cornerback before he finally ended up where he belonged at safety.

For reaction from Cal fans, go to the California Golden Blogs. From Bears fans, hit up Windy City Gridiron.


2011 NFL Draft Results: Shane Vereen, New England Patriots Tailback Second Round Pick

Shane Vereen was a great runner at Cal, and all this despite having a lot of trouble adjusting to a poor offensive line and inconsistent quarterback play the two years he started for the California Golden Bears. But Vereen can run, he can play between the tackles, he can play outside and run in open space, he can pass protect, he can pass catch out of the backfield. He is an all-around running back that's similar to Cameron Jordan in player profile--solid in innumerable facets of the game.

Sounds like the type of complete runner Bill Belichick likes. Vereen was picked by the New England Patriots with the 56th pick, and he could challenge BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead immediately to grab more playing time and try and pump up a Pats rush attack that sputtered in last year's AFC Playoffs. Vereen might not start, but he could definitely showcase the strength to play in short-yardage situations, and could come out of the backfield and haul in some balls thrown to him by Tom Brady.

What do Cal and New England fans think about this pick? Let us know in the comments!

For reaction from Cal fans, head to the California Golden Blogs. For reaction from Patriots fans, check out Pats Pulpit.


Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints First Round 2011 NFL Draft Pick

Once Tyson Alualu got selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cameron Jordan knew he had a chance not just to be an NFL player, but a first round draft pick. Jordan had all the natural talent in the world and just needed to apply it on the field on a consistent basis. And he showcased it with a strong 2010 season that displayed all his versatility, as defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi proved his worth once again. Jordan is on his way to Bourbon Street, and will be manning it up for the New Orleans Saints next year.

Jordan played various techniques. He lined up in five technique and engaged the tackle, as well as occasionally speed rushing off the edge. He went to three technique and gave opposing guards lots of problems, particularly with his swim move. He could drop into coverage and play with the skills of an outside linebacker. He was good at stripping the ball and forcing fumbles. There's a lot in place for Jordan to be a long-term viable defensive lineman who will be playing a long time in the league.

California Golden Blogs (our Cal SB Nation site) has done a good job breaking down Cameron Jordan.

Saints fans, Cal fans, what do you think of the pick? Head over to Canal Street Chronicles (our New Orleans SB Nation site) to discuss!


NFL Draft Rumors: Adam Schefter Reports No Cowboys-Patriots Trade Of Picks To Land Cameron Jordan

Cameron Jordan might be selected by the New England Patriots, but it's probably not going to be by moving up to get himAdam Schefter of ESPN reports that any deal the Patriots might be making with the Dallas Cowboys to try and snare the Cal defensive end is kaput. If the Pats want him, they're going to wait him out with the 17th pick.

While Jordan could still end up in Bill Belichick's system, there are other teams that are interested in his services. The San Diego Chargers are looking for bulk up front and are only a pick behind New England. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins have all expressed interest in Jordan, and they will all pick ahead of New England.

The lesson as always: You should know better than to trust Chris Mortensen on any important rumor mill story. You're just asking to get your hopes dashed.

For more on the Patriots, check out Pats Pulpit. For more extensive NFL Draft coverage, head over to SB Nation's dedicated NFL Draft page and Mocking the Draft.


2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Chris Mortensen Reports New England Patriots Want To Trade Up For Cameron Jordan

Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan wasn't supposed to be a top name, especially considering guys like Da'Quan Bowers, Nick Fairley, J.J. Watt, Robert Quinn and Marcell Dareus were all on the board and had excelled on much better teams last season. But the scouts started tuning into him, he had a great Senior Bowl week and soild NFL Combine, and he started creeping on up the draft boards.

Well, looks like Jordan might be pretty highly coveted as a non top-5 pick can get. Chris Mortensen tweets the following.

Trade Buzz: New England looking to trade with Dallas to get Cameron Jordan

Well, color me skeptical. This would be highly out of character for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, who are well-known for their love of trading down for more picks and better value. They don't like paying premium for big guys, and trading up to the top 10 (in this case, the ninth pick) for the Dallas Cowboys would definitely be a huge dent in their primo strategy. I'll believe it when I see it.

Cowboys and Patriots fans, what do you think of this potential trade? Let us know in the comments!

For more from Patriots fans, check out Pats Pulpit. For more from Cowboys fans, check out Blogging the Boys.

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