Warriors Trade Stephen Jackson To Spurs For Richard Jefferson, First Round Pick

The Warriors have traded Stephen Jackson to the Spurs for Richard Jefferson and a first round pick, only days after acquiring him from Milwaukee.

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NBA Trades 2012: Warriors Land Richard Jefferson, T.J. Ford, And First Round Draft Pick

The Golden State Warriors seem to be taking on assets to try and save their draft pick, as they keep on winning basketball games that they probably would be better off losing if they don't want to lose the pick to the Utah Jazz. If Golden State doesn't end up with one of the top seven picks in the draft, Utah will end up with it.

Getting another pick from the San Antonio Spurs would be very useful. The Warriors have more on the deal.

The Golden State Warriors have acquired forward Richard Jefferson, guard T.J. Ford and a 2012 First Round draft pick from the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for forward Stephen Jackson, the team announced today. The conditional draft pick will be lottery protected (1-14) in 2012 and in the subsequent two years (2013 and 2014) if not conveyed in this June’s draft.

Jefferson will provide Golden State with more flexibility at the three. Golden State takes on Ford, a guard who is already retiring, so he's just someone being thrown into the trade. The big thing is the draft pick, which is what Golden State needs to start rebuilding and recreating the team into a contender.

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NBA Trade Deadline 2012: Richard Jefferson Traded To Warriors For Stephen Jackson, According to Report

The Golden State Warriors are keeping themselves busy at the trade deadline this year as it was reported by Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports that the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs have come to a decision to trade Richard Jefferson to the W's and Jackson to the Spurs.

Per Marc Spears on Twitter:

Furthermore, Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson is reporting that the deal also includes a conditional first round pick for Golden State as well.

Jackson was a mainstay of the Warriors back from 2006-2010 including a short stint in Indiana in between. Jackson was acquired as part of the Monta Ellis trade to Milwuakee for Andrew Bogut, and will not even join the W's at all, heading straight to San Antonio instead.

Jefferson has averaged 9.2 points in 28.5 minutes off the bench this season, and comes to a Golden State squad in need of a steady veteran presence like Jefferson on their locker room of youth. He'll be another nice role player to add to Mark Jackson's bag of tricks the rest of the season.

For more on this trade and the Warriors in general, please head over to Golden State of Mind to get in on the discussion.

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NBA Trade Deadline 2012: Stephen Jackson, Richard Jefferson Deal Possible, According To Report

As the newst old Golden State Warrior returns to his former stomping ground for his first game on Friday, Stephen Jackson wonders to CSN Bay Area's Matt Steinmetz how fans will take to him in his return to the Bay:

Elsewhere though, likely behind closed doors, deals are being discussed that may have Jackson never coming back to the Warriors at all, as repoted by ESPN's Ric Bucher on Twitter:

That's right, Jackson may have found himself on the trade block for the second time this week if what Bucher says is true, not exactly a vote of confidence in good old Captain Jack. Plus, Richard Jefferson could fit right into Mark Jackson's defensive-minded system and be a veteran voice of reason in the locker room, essentially another role player in a sea of role players in Oakland.

Or they can hang on to Jackson, who likes to get technical fouls 'because he wants to.'

For more on this possible trade and the W's in general, head over to Golden State of Mind.

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Andrew Bogut Ankle Injury: Warriors Center To Be Evaluated

The Golden State Warriors have parted ways with Monta Ellis and now have to figure out if Andrew Bogut will be ready to play for them after their five player trade. Bogut was brought in to try and build up a defensive presence for the Warriors, a team that has always been skilled offensively but hemorrhages points.

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports reports that Bogut's ankle injury might still be a lingering issue.

It'll be very interesting to see whether Bogut is healthy to play the remainder of the season. The center is definitely needed on a Golden State team now deprived of depth, and his presence could shore up the paint for the remainder of the team.

However, Bogut has always struggled with injury issues, and it might always be a problem for him whenever he comes back. Don't expect him to be ready quite yet.

To discuss Bogut and the Warriors, head on over to Golden State of Mind.


Monta Ellis Trade: Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Speaks Out, 'We Just Hit A Home Run'

The San Jose Mercury News' Tim Kawakami was all over it when the Monta Ellis trade went down Tuesday, sending out an e-mail to Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob to ask some questions about how the trade went down and his overall feelings of the deal as a whole.

Lacob noted that they have fully gone over Bogut's health status and wanted to point out that no off-court situations motivated the team to move Monta, i.e. his sexual harassment suit. He also mentioned that in no way was this move inspired for the team to tank the season to ensure their protected top-7 pick in the upcoming NBA draft, pointing out that the team's current win streak and gutsy victory over the Kings on Tuesday are proof of that.

Here are some snippets from Lacob's e-mail:

I know this is hard for many of our fans, and perhaps not understandable to them, the fact is we just hit a home run.

Andrew Bogut and David Lee together? Andrew is the complementary rim protector and defender that will make David Lee even better. Steph and Klay is a terrific fit, as well. Klay brings size and length and can shoot the lights out from anywhere. And he can really defend.

We lost a terrific talent but basketball is a team sport where the pieces need to fit in order to maximize success. I wish we could have kept all of our pieces but in the end, free agency is tough and we had to trade our way to our end goal.

Another aspect queried by Kawakami was the return of Stephen Jackson to the W's, and how his presence affects the current locker room:

Your question about Stephen Jackson. Yes, he has a somewhat controversial past here. But he also had great success here and is a very, very good basketball player. He is a tough, big wing that can really defend.

Mark Jackson is excited about him and his potential contribution. And, like Mark, I and we believe in evaluating a guy on the here and now and going forward. The past is the past and all that matters is today and tomorrow.

Either way bringing Jackson back will please some and worry others, but no one can really say anything until he hits the court and produces. Should be interesting to see how he meshes with Coach Jackson in the time they have left this season.

Once the initial shock of losing Monta passes the fan base will be more understanding, but if the Warriors keep winning, the complaining will certainly start to subside even faster.

For more on the Warriors please check out Golden State of Mind.

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Monta Ellis Trade: Move To The Bucks 'Not A Bad Thing At All' [VIDEO]

The Golden State Warriors have won three in a row as they host the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night at Oracle Arena, but now without guard Monta Ellis, the W's have a lot more pressure on the shoulders of their role players to step up and score some points.

As for Monta, who's been with the Warriors his entire seve year career, it's certainly are some mixed emotions with this move to the Milwaukee Bucks after having less than a successful outing out in the Bay Area playoff-wise. Here Monta speaks with the media essentially right after finding out that he had been traded, changing out of his shoot around gear and back into his street clothes as he departs his former team. Has some intersting things to say, and looks surprisingly happy to be leaving his current situation:

Monta won't be gone too long before he has to play his former team, returning to Oracle Arena on Friday night as part of the Milwaukee Bucks.

For more on the Warriors head over to Golden State of Mind.


Monta Ellis Trade: Players React

The first major trade in the run up to the NBA trade deadline has caused a bit of a commotion on the Twitterverse, as analysts and players react to the news that Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, Kwame Brown will be traded to Milwaukee in exchange for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.

Which, though possibly a quick reaction, could quite possibly closer to the truth than we know. Per ESPN's Chad Ford:

While no one on the Warriors is going to openly admit to that kind of strategy, it's sure to cause a stir among fans and players. No player wants to be with an organization that purposefully tanks a season but for Monta Ellis, after hearing the news he'd been traded, he reacted as such:

Simmons elaborated on his blog, noting that Ellis remarked, "It is what it is, man. I had some great years here, and I had some bad ones. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to do what I did for seven years here. I started my career here, but they're going in another direction. They were good to me here."

"Everybody is upset, but this is what happens. This is part of the league. I wish them the best. Now, I'm going to go help the Bucks win. I knew they weren't going to send me to a playoff team. But the Bucks are still in the running. I think we can go for the eighth spot."

We'll have more on all this soon, so stay tuned.

To discuss Ellis, Udoh, and Brown to the Bucks, head on over to Brew Hoop. To talk about Bogut and Jackson to the Warriors, check out Golden State of Mind.


Monta Ellis Trade: Where Do The Warriors Go From Here?

According to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarawoski the Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks have agreed in principal to a deal that would send guard Monta Ellis, Kwame Brown and Ekpe Udoh to the Bucks for Andrew Bogut and former Warriors Stephen Jackson.

This trade will certainly leave a sour taste in many a Warriors fan's mouth as Ellis, averaging 21.9 points and 6 assists a contest and Udoh, who's been making great strides offensively as of late (9.8 points and 4.9 rebounds in his last ten games) were certainly fan favorites. This now puts the team in line to put more pressure on Stephen Curry as their face-of-the-franchise guard, even though he'll be hobbled likely for a while longer with his recurring foot/ankle injury.

As for what the Warriors get in return, Stephen Jackson will get to return to a fan base that loved him for his part of the 2007 'we beleive' team, but has been more known for his prowess for technical fouls than anything else, amongst his decent numbers. As for Bogut, here's what they get from him:

Per Scott Reiss on Twitter:

It appears to me with this trade that the Warriors are not looking to make a push this season, or feel that the addition of Jackson and the improvement of Klay Thompson are enough to try and make a push this season. When Bogut returns next they'll certainly have a more formidable front court, but for now they'll have even less big man depth with Udoh out of the picture.

In the long term the Warriors should have about $15 million coming off the books after this season with the deal, and could likely ensure a top 7 pick in the lottery if they keep losing, but they'll of course have to keep losing. Without Ellis, Bogut, Udoh and a very limited Curry, that could very well be the case.

Per Marcus Thompson on Twitter:

Too early to call, but it isn't looking good.

To further discuss this trade, make your way over to Golden State of Mind.


Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, Kwame Brown To Bucks; Andrew Bogut, Stephen Jackson To Warriors, According To Report

The Golden State Warriors have moved Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.

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