AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am 2012: Thursday Tee Times, TV Schedule & More

After a few days of low-lying clouds at the AT&T Pebble Beach NAtional Pro-Am, the sun will be shining down on the players and their amateur partners at the first round is set to kick off at three area courses; Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Spyglass Hill Golf Course, and of course, Pebble Beach Golf Links.

It also marks the start of Tiger Woods' 2012 PGA Tour campaign as the former No. 1 in the world looks to build on his Chevron Challenge victory back in December, and strong showing at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship two weeks ago. Woods will be teeing off No. 10 at Spyglass Hill with his playing partner Tony Romo at 10:01 a.m. PT Thursday morning.

Phil Mickelson will be playing Spyglass Hill on Thursday as well, along with Kevin Na and their amateur playing partners on No. 1, teeing off at 9:50 a.m. Bill Murray will be keeping the winning combination of himself and D.A. Points together once again, teeing off on No. 1 at Spyglass as well at 9:06 a.m.

Jim Harbaugh and Matt Cain will also be paired together, playing with Ryan Moore and Matt Bettencourt respectfully. They'll be teeing off on Spyglass No. 1 as well at 8:55 a.m. Stockton native Ricky Barnes will play with Bill Belichick, teeing off Spyglass No. 1 at 8:22 a.m., while Sacramento native Nick Watney right before him at 8:11.

Coverage can be found on the Golf Channel from 1-4 p.m. PST.

Tee Times Via

Pebble Beach Golf Links Tee #1
Time Players
9:39 am DeLaet, Graham Yang, DeLaet/* Cejka, Alex Strothotte, Cejka/*
9:50 am O'Hair, Sean Johnson, O'Hair/* Couch, Chris Johnson, Couch/*
10:01 am Johnson, Dustin Rice, Johnson/* Thompson, Kyle Hardwick, Thompson/*
10:12 am Dawson, Marco Hammergren, Dawson/* O'Hern, Nick Russo, O'Hern/*
8:00 am Duke, Ken Dreesen, Duke/* Coles, Gavin Lacob, Coles/*
8:11 am Palmer, Ryan Roberts, Palmer/* Bohn, Jason Glenn, Bohn/*
8:22 am Ogilvie, Joe Stephenson, Ogilvie/* Goydos, Paul Farr, Goydos/*
8:33 am Hurley III, Billy Summers, Hurley III/* Flores, Martin Waugh, Flores/*
8:44 am McNeill, George Read, McNeill/* Elkington, Steve Kernen, Elkington/*
8:55 am Matteson, Troy Stuart, Matteson/* Slocum, Heath Grizot, Slocum/*
9:06 am Gillis, Tom Farrell, Gillis/* Singh, Vijay Narayen, Singh/*
9:17 am Lamely, Derek Ridder, Lamely/* Davis, Brian Lucas, Davis/*
9:28 am Mulroy, Garth Bolton, Mulroy/* Tway, Kevin Patterson, Tway/*
Pebble Beach Golf Links Tee #10
Time Players
9:39 am Willis, Garrett Hsieh, Willis/* Jones, Kent Rosen, Jones/*
9:50 am Thatcher, Roland Mack, Thatcher/* Dunlap, Scott Arora, Dunlap/*
10:01 am Biershenk, Tommy Baldree, Biershenk/* Brown, Scott Campbell, Brown/*
10:12 am Beljan, Charlie Burwell, Beljan/* Miller, Zack Small, Miller/*
8:00 am Flesch, Steve Lindner, Flesch/* Hart, Dudley Jacobs, Hart/*
8:11 am Lunde, Bill Jamison, Lunde/* Appleby, Stuart Kasprzak, Appleby/*
8:22 am Todd, Brendon White, Todd/* Anderson, Mark D. Duperreault, Anderson/*
8:33 am Every, Matt Walters, Every/* Langley, Scott Couch, Langley/*
8:44 am Bertsch, Shane Lommerin, Bertsch/* Kang, Sunghoon Cochrane, Kang/*
8:55 am Steele, Brendan Herlihy, Steele/* Herron, Tim Francis, Herron/*
9:06 am Harman, Brian Ontiveros, Harman/* Rocha, Alexandre Dube, Rocha/*
9:17 am Gates, Bobby Schott, Gates/* Blixt, Jonas Stafford, Blixt/*
9:28 am Wheatcroft, Steve Ramonat, Wheatcroft/* Lee, Danny Green, Lee/*
Spyglass Hill GC Tee #1
Time Players
9:39 am Haas, Hunter Stoops, Haas/* Chappell, Kevin Davis, Chappell/*
9:50 am Mickelson, Phil McGee, Mickelson/* Na, Kevin Dunne III, Na/*
10:01 am Trahan, D.J. Rodgers, Trahan/* Furyk, Jim Rucker, Furyk/*
10:12 am Mallinger, John Lewis, Mallinger/* Jones, Matt Cheadle, Jones/*
8:00 am DiMarco, Chris Hudson, DiMarco/* Estes, Bob Duhamel, Estes/*
8:11 am Watney, Nick Lentz, Watney/* McCarron, Scott Rohr, McCarron/*
8:22 am Barnes, Ricky Belichick, Barnes/* Cauley, Bud Saban, Cauley/*
8:33 am Kelly, Troy Hoak, Kelly/* Bowditch, Steven Romano, Bowditch/*
8:44 am Stankowski, Paul Garcia, Stankowski/* Immelman, Trevor Lopez, Immelman/*
8:55 am Bettencourt, Matt Cain, Bettencourt/* Moore, Ryan Harbaugh, Moore/*
9:06 am Owen, Greg Barton, Owen/* Points, D.A. Murray, Points/*
9:17 am Driscoll, James Edwards, Driscoll/* Gainey, Tommy O'Donnell, Gainey/*
9:28 am Adams, Blake Crane, Adams/* Stadler, Kevin Drexler, Stadler/*
Spyglass Hill GC Tee #10
Time Players
9:39 am Janzen, Lee Rose, Janzen/* Stallings, Scott Ballmer, Stallings/*
9:50 am Love III, Davis Long, Love III/* Mediate, Rocco Stack, Mediate/*
10:01 am Woods, Tiger Romo, Woods/* Atwal, Arjun Lane, Atwal/*
10:12 am Begay, Notah Barker, Begay III/* Loar, Edward Garcia, Loar/*
8:00 am Sheehan, Patrick Erickson, Sheehan/* Walker, Jimmy Peyton, Walker/*
8:11 am Pernice Jr., Tom Partridge, Pernice Jr/* Oberholser, Arron Sheedy, Oberholser/*
8:22 am Duval, David Stuart, Duval/* Sutherland, Kevin Gross, Sutherland/*
8:33 am Knox, Russell Clark, Knox/* Huh, John Aymar, Huh/*
8:44 am Mathis, David D'Addario, Mathis/* Bae, Sang-Moon Inciarte, Bae/*
8:55 am Tringale, Cameron Dorman, Tringale/* Gay, Brian Donahoe, Gay/*
9:06 am Laird, Martin Mackenzie, Laird/* Taylor, Vaughn Mycoskie, Taylor/*
9:17 am Christian, Gary Mader, Christian/* McQuillan, Matt Maritz, McQuillan/*
9:28 am English, Harris Moreno, English/* Peterson, John Fontova, Peterson/*
Monterey Peninsula CC Tee #1
Time Players
9:39 am Wi, Charlie Quattrone, Wi/* Blanks, Kris Kohler, Blanks/*
9:50 am Jones, Steve DeWalt, Jones/* Sabbatini, Rory Chen, Sabbatini/*
10:01 am Claxton, Will Antin, Claxton/* Horschel, Billy Tattersall, Horschel/*
10:12 am Reifers, Kyle Dunwoody, Reifers/* Potter, Jr., Ted Lurie, Potter, Jr/*
8:00 am Goggin, Mathew Cain, Goggin/* Levin, Spencer Bowman, Levin/*
8:11 am Austin, Woody Wilson, Jr, Austin/* Summerhays, Daniel McCollum, Summerhays/*
8:22 am Lowe, Mitch Hansford, Lowe/* Lee, Richard H. Morse, Lee/*
8:33 am Knost, Colt Thornley, Knost/* McGirt, William Nadal, McGirt/*
8:44 am Teater, Josh Wagner, Teater/* Perez, Pat Lund, Perez/*
8:55 am Molder, Bryce You, Molder/* Lancaster, Neal MacDonnell, Lancaster/*
9:06 am Castro, Roberto Lane, Castro/* Carballo, Miguel Angel Guziak, Carballo/*
9:17 am Kisner, Kevin McWilton, Kisner/* Kokrak, Jason Colleran, Kokrak/*
9:28 am Lyle, Jarrod Perry-Smith, Lyle/* Killeen, J.J. Bryant, Killeen/*
Monterey Peninsula CC Tee #10
Time Players
9:39 am Reavie, Chez Ueberroth, Reavie/* Petrovic, Tim Baer, Petrovic/*
9:50 am Baddeley, Aaron Kenny G, Baddeley/* Green, Nathan Donovan, Green/*
10:01 am Poulter, Ian Ueberroth, Poulter/* Henry, J.J. Berman, Henry/*
10:12 am Fowler, Rickie Black, Fowler/* Streelman, Kevin Mac, Streelman/*
8:00 am Pampling, Rod Schwab, Pampling/* Holmes, J.B. Herringer, Holmes/*
8:11 am Imada, Ryuji Woods, Imada/* Johnson, Zach Spears, Johnson/*
8:22 am Hoffman, Charley Desmond, Hoffman/* Harrington, Padraig McManus, Harrington/*
8:33 am Weir, Mike Roberts, Weir/* Bramlett, Joseph Yang, Bramlett/*
8:44 am Stroud, Chris Calhoun, Stroud/* Weekley, Boo Ireland, Weekley/*
8:55 am Mahan, Hunter Dundon, Mahan/* Ogilvy, Geoff Tryhus, Ogilvy/*
9:06 am Garrigus, Robert Flynn, Garrigus/* Maggert, Jeff Walker, Maggert/*
9:17 am Wetterich, Brett Anderson, Wetterich/* Riley, Chris Close, Riley/*
9:28 am Chopra, Daniel Ferris, Chopra/* Saunders, Sam Ferris, Saunders/*

For more on the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, head over to their official website.

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