LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 03: (L-R) Welterweight opponents Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit face off after weighing in during the UFC 143 official weigh in at Mandalay Bay Events Center on February 3, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.|2:55:8 (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

UFC 143 Results: Carlos Condit Defeats Nick Diaz For Interim Welterweight Title

UFC 143 takes place live on Saturday, February 5. We have all of the results for the event which culminated in a close match between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit for the interim Welterweight Championship.

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UFC 143 Results: Nick Diaz Rematch Might Be Smart For Dana White, But He Doesn't Deserve It

Though we've established that Carlos Condit presents a less-compelling matchup with Georges St-Pierre than Nick Diaz would, despite his victory at UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit, there's one big thing getting in the way of a potential Condit-Diaz rematch: Diaz doesn't deserve it by any stretch of a rational imagination.

Oh sure, a Condit vs. St-Pierre fight won't sell as many pay-per-views as the alternative, but this was a unanimous decision that made sense in every way. Even though I'm personally a Lyoto Machida fan, I knew that the first matchup against Mauricio Rua was absolutely bogus and that a rematch was required. We're not on the level of Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard here.

Diaz fought and lost fair and square. Maybe you don't like the way that Condit fought, but it was all within the rules, and he out-landed Diaz with punches and kicks. Some folks say Condit was running, I saw a fighter who was circling and not engaging Diaz at his game. We're talking about a guy who used to complain that wrestling shouldn't be allowed in mixed martial arts. What else do you need to hear? Diaz wanted Condit to stand in front of him and slug it out, a fight that Diaz surely would have won. But why cripple yourself?

What happened was simple: Condit utilized a gameplan and Diaz, along with his corner-men, did not adapt to the gameplan at all. Condit circled out to the right about 100 times in that fight, and not once did Diaz adapt to it. Whereas he says that Condit was running and avoiding a fight to get to the decision, the same can be said for Diaz, content to walk him down and not really go for a finish.

A rematch might be smart for the UFC and for Dana White, but it's not smart for Condit and, the most important thing? Once again, Diaz doesn't deserve it. He fought, he lost, there's nothing controversial about it. 170 is too stacked to have this kind of thing mucking it all up, Diaz fan or not.


UFC 143 Results: Josh Koscheck Leaving Bay Area's American Kickboxing Academy

Josh Koscheck has been one of the most consistent fighters representing the Bay Area in the sport of MMA, but he could now be on his way out. There were reports of Koscheck having issues with his camp, the American Kickboxing Academy in the buildup to UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit, (where Koscheck defeated Mike Pierce via a controversial split decision) and now those reports have been confirmed, by the man himself. In an interview with MMAWeekly, Koscheck stated what he didn't like about his long-time training camp:

"This goes back from quite a bit, and history repeats itself. Whenever you have a guy for example whenever I had the loss against (Thiago) Alves and I took the fight on short notice with him, and after the fight I had a lot of friends come up to me and calling me saying ‘have you read this interview with Javier Mendez?' and talking about me and my game plan," Koscheck said.

There's more to it at the link above, but in so many words, Koscheck isn't happy with the way the head of the camp, Javier Mendez, handles himself. According to Koscheck, Mendez rarely takes any of the blame for a poor performance, despite the fact that fighter's depend on him and his camp so much. It's true to varying degrees, but it only has to be a little bit true to take hold in this regard.

A training camp represents a bond of trust, between the fighters who take part in it and the coaches who hold said fighter's career in their hands. While each fighter deserves the largest slice of the blame for his or her loss, the camp should always assume responsibility, at least in this writer's opinion. Mendez is not someone who has done that with anything approaching regularity in the past.

MMA Nation also reported that Dave Camarillo, AKA's grappling coach, left the camp, but denied any differences were involved. He simply wised to spend more time running his two gyms and teaching classes.

Koscheck is from Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, but has been training with AKA in San Jose for almost six years, and officially fights out of Fresno, CA. If he moves his camp elsewhere, the Bay Area could be without one of its best fighters representing it. Still, AKA features some of the best fighters in the sport and, while this is worrying, it's not a trend yet.


UFC 143 Results: Would A Nick Diaz Victory Have Been Better For The Organization And PPV Buys?

At UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit on Saturday, Carlos Condit took home the Interim Welterweight Championship by out-working Nick Diaz en route to a five-round unanimous decision win. It was the biggest win of his career and puts him in line for a shot to take on Georges St-Pierre for the undisputed Welterweight Championship. While it's clear that the matchup is less compelling than a potential GSP-Diaz matchup, which is better for the UFC?

Strike two. A Diaz-GSP matchup is likely better for the UFC, as well.

For one, GSP really wants to fight Diaz, for one reason or another. It's not that we have been seeing an unmotivated GSP in the octagon the last few times out, it's probably true that we've seen one that lacks the unmitigated desire to punch his opponent in the face until he stops moving. GSP hasn't had the fire in him to really take it to one of his opponents, though admittedly, he did come close to that with Josh Koscheck.

Still, it's no secret that GSP wants to hit Diaz an awful lot. That's not going to happen now. Instead, we get GSP up against a former teammate (or present?) who he has no ill-will toward. And on top of that fact, Condit likely has less of a chance to disrupt to St-Pierre than Diaz would.

The biggest point to make, however, is one of UFC growth. A Diaz-GSP fight could carry a whole pay per view card. It's a potential one million-buy event. Whether Condit presents a better stylistic matchup or Diaz has more options to get to a win, a fight between GSP and Condit won't do nearly as well. Maybe the UFC had some great buyrates for UFC 143, and since GSP will be fighting again, that fight will do well - but if the former is true, it was because of Diaz, and it means a lot of missed buys for the latter.

Just a casual observation that Diaz-GSP would have been much better for the UFC. It's even worse if Diaz decides to go through with his retirement.


UFC 143 Bonuses: Fabricio Werdum Vs. Roy Nelson Wins Fight Of The Night

UFC 143 on Saturday night was an interesting night of MMA action. Some of the fights were true clunkers and the three marquee matchups were all close affairs that went the distance. According to Matt Erickson of Heavy, the fight bonuses for the event have been announced. Here is the full rundown.

Fight of the Night honors went to heavyweights Fabricio Werdum and "Big Country" Roy Nelson for their honest-to-god war in the last fight before the main event. This was the most decisive match that went to a decision, with Werdum absolutely demolishing Nelson in the first round, while Nelson spent the next two alternately dishing out his fair share of shots and taking heaps of abuse from the much-taller Werdum. The two fighters picked up an extra $65,000 each for their performance.

Stephen Thompson and Dustin Poirier also ended up taking two trips to the pay window. Thompson picked up Knockout of the Night with his head-kick KO of Dan Stittgen in the opening fight of the prelims. Poirier took home Submission of the Night honors with his triangle-armbar on Max Holloway, also in the prelims.

For complete coverage and results of UFC 143: Diaz Vs. Condit, stay tuned to this StoryStream. For all news and information regarding UFC 143 and mixed martial arts, please visit Bloody Elbow and SB Nation's dedicated MMA hub.


UFC 143 Results: Carlos Condit Fought The Perfect Fight To Beat Nick Diaz

On Saturday at UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit, Nick Diaz lost one of the only kind of fights he's seemingly capable of losing at this point in his career. Not to lessen Stockton's own brawler to any degree, but his opponents of the last couple years have fought the exact kind of fight that Diaz wanted them to. And that's by design. Diaz is a thin, lanky guy with a chip on his shoulder, and his modus operandi is to take that chip and beat you over the face with it with a steady diet of mean mugging, trash talking and over 9000 70% power punches.

The result? People stand in front of him, tee off and hope that they're the proverbial straw that break's the back of .. his ... chin. That didn't quite come out right, but everyone and their mother seems to think they can test Diaz's chin and finally be the ones to prevail. Oh sure, Paul Daley came really close to doing it when he dropped Diaz on his face, and he hits harder than just about anybody at 170 pounds. So why fall into it?

Aside from wrestling Diaz, something you can only do at this point if you can also avoid submissions, the fight that Carlos Condit fought on Saturday was the best thing he could have done. While Diaz fans will say that he ran, this was nothing of the sort. Condit refused to stand and brawl, and he refused to be bullied into a clinch against the cage. Condit didn't flee across the cage, he circled away from from being backed into the various octagon walls.

And as he circled, he landed strikes. When Diaz realized that was happening, he tried taunting, and Condit refused to fall for it and make costly mistakes. He fought a very smart, calculated fight and still fought to a decision that can be debated to an extent. If they fought again on Sunday, you'd see scores of people picking Diaz, because that's how good he is.

Let's just hope he's not going to retire as he threatened in the post-fight interview, because he has too much to offer this sport, even if his assertions about running and delusions that all of his opponents should stand and trade with him are misplaced.


UFC 143 Results: Despite Victory, Carlos Condit Presents Less Compelling Opponent For Georges St-Pierre

Carlos Condit just can't catch a break, not even from this writer. Even though he arguably took four of the five rounds from Nick Diaz and took home the Interim Weltweight Championship at UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit on Saturday, he's not going to get a ton of credit going forward. That is to say, he'll get credit for beating Diaz and fighting a great fight when it all comes down to it, but he'll get little chance from analysts when it comes to fighting Georges St-Pierre for the undisputed title.

Even if Condit stepped up and did what many thought he couldn't do (not many predicted a Condit decision), a Diaz vs. St-Pierre matchup is still more intriguing than what we're likely to get. Condit doesn't have the wrestling chops to avoid the takedowns from GSP, and he doesn't have Diaz's jiu-jitsu ability to threaten submissions from the bottom. His circling ability and footwork got him the win over Diaz, but GSP will flick that jab out in accordance with every circle and Condit will have to adapt to a different standup style, which of course, is possible.

Diaz, on the other hand, has good takedown defense. While that's somewhat misleading because it's hard to imagine a fighter stuffing everything GSP has to throw at them, Diaz is dangerous from the bottom, even to a guy like GSP. He's also got the kind of striking game that would give GSP fits. And on top of all of this, Diaz will make the fight really interesting in interviews and the like pre-fight.

More than that, GSP wanted Diaz to win. He legitimately wants to fight Diaz and more than that, he wants to crush him. GSP wanted the UFC to give Diaz a rematch against Condit after the decision. How long has it been since GSP has legitimately had animosity towards another fighter? There was nothing there when he fought Jake Shields, and while Josh Koscheck certainly got under his skin, GSP never seemed like he wanted to be the reason for his destruction.

Condit vs. GSP is a lot more interesting now than it was a day ago, but it's probably going to have less interest and, accordingly, fewer pay per view buys than a GSP-Diaz fight would have.


UFC 143: Nick Diaz Threatens Retirement Following Decision Loss To Carlos Condit

Following the main event of UFC 143, Nick Diaz had some very interesting comments for interviewer Joe Rogan. Diaz lost a unanimous decision to Carlos Condit in an extremely close fight for the interim Welterweight Championship. Condit's attack plan throughout the fight appeared to largely consist of sticking and moving, evading Diaz, not allowing himself to be cornered and not allowing himself to be trapped by Diaz, who is an exceptional wrestler.

After the fight, Diaz and Condit briefly embraced before the decision was announced. Rogan interviewed Diaz, who intimated that he would be retiring from the UFC following this fight, saying, "I don't need this shit." Rogan asked him to clarify and was he really thinking about retiring. Diaz then commented that he didn't approve of Condit's fighting strategy, that Condit was "running away from [Diaz] the entire fight" and that if this is the way that fights are going to be and winners are going to be decided, he's "out of here."

The Diaz brothers have reputations as malcontents, so this may be written off as just another page in that long family history. Diaz has a point in certain ways, as he continually tried to get Condit to engage and attack. From a business standpoint (and certainly from Dana White's point of view), a less evasive strategy makes for more exciting fights, which leads to better business. On the other end of the argument, Condit fought exactly the fight that he wanted to and it netted him the interim title. Had he engaged Diaz, he likely would have played right into his opponent's strategy and lost the fight in short order.

There is no guideline that you are required to fight a certain way, nor should there be. I understand the frustration of Diaz and hope he will return, if for no other reason than that he is an extremely gifted and talented fighter and is far from the end of a still-promising career.

For complete coverage and results of UFC 143: Diaz Vs. Condit, stay tuned to this StoryStream. For all news and information regarding UFC 143 and mixed martial arts, please visit Bloody Elbow and SB Nation's dedicated MMA hub.


UFC 143 Results: Carlos Condit Wins Interim Welterweight Championship By Unanimous Decision After Going The Distance With Nick Diaz

After an absolutely brutal heavyweight fight between Fabricio Werdum and Roy Nelson that saw Werdum winning by unanimous decision, 30-27, it was finally time for the UFC 143 main event in Las Vegas.

Stockton's own Nick Diaz faced off against Carlos Condit in a five-round main event fight for the interim Welterweight Championship. Definite big fight atmosphere right off the bat as Diaz came out with his game face on and then some. Georges St. Pierre was in attendance and was shown in the crowd.

The first round was very evenly matched and a sort of stand-and-bang feeling-out round. Condit seemed focused on hitting leg kicks and attempted several spinning strikes, none of which landed. Diaz landed several leg kicks of his own and a couple of big body blows. While Condit seemed intensely focused and working at keeping his defense up, Diaz -- as usual -- talked trash, let his hands hang down at his sides and tried to get Condit to force the issue. In the first round at least, Condit didn't bite.

The trash-talking kept up in the opening minutes of the second round, as Diaz dared Condit to hit him and slapped Condit in the face to try to get him to press. Condit still didn't bite, keeping his distance. Diaz again landed a couple of nice combinations and body shots, but Condit responded in kind. Diaz tried to tie up Condit against the cage in the final 0:30 of the round but Condit didn't want any part of it and got away quickly. Another extremely close round, although Diaz seemed much more comfortable in the cage, working slowly, methodically and with an uncanny sense of ease.

Round 3 was more of the same, with the fighters working their stand-up game and the fight ranging all over the confines of the cage. Diaz kept backing Condit against the cage with combinations, but Condit never stopped moving and never stayed in danger for long, always managing to land a strike or two of his own. In the second half of this round, the pace picked up considerably, with both fighters scoring heaps of big strikes, notably a big left hand to Condit's jaw as part of a combination. Due to continued leg kicks, this was the first round that could have been argued as being definitively in favor of Condit.

The fourth round was more of the same, as the same tactics were employed by both fighters. Diaz tried for a couple of single-leg takedowns but was unable to make anything of either attempt. Condit looked to land much more strikes in this round than did Diaz. Heading into the fifth round, it seemed that Diaz would have to finish or put together a big round to avoid losing by decision.

In Round 5, Nick tried for a barrage of kicks but few connected. Condit looked to again control the pace through much of the round, but in the final minute, Diaz scored the first takedown of the fight and took Condit's back. Diaz sunk in a deep body triangle but was unable to cinch in a choke or arm submission and Condit escaped during a transition by Diaz as time expired.

The fight went to the judges at that point. The judges scored the contest 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46 to give Condit the unanimous win by decision and the interim Welterweight Championship.

It was an extremely close fight and there was the sense that if Condit had not been able to evade Diaz so consistently, it would have been a much, much different result.

For complete coverage and results of UFC 143: Diaz Vs. Condit, stay tuned to this StoryStream. For all news and information regarding UFC 143 and mixed martial arts, please visit Bloody Elbow and SB Nation's dedicated MMA hub.


UFC 143 Results: Josh Koscheck Picks Up Split Decision Victory Over Mike Pierce In Evenly-Matched Fight

The main card is well underway in Las Vegas as UFC 143 continues toward the big main event of Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit for the interim Welterweight Championship. The main event was originally scheduled to pit Stockton's own Diaz against the seemingly unbeatable Georges St. Pierre, but St. Pierre revealed in December that he had an ACL injury that would keep him out of action for 10 months. The winner of Diaz-Condit on Saturday night will later meet St. Pierre to duke it out for the undisputed title.

In other California welterweight fighting news, the polarizing Josh Koscheck, fighting out of Fresno, faced off against Mike Pierce. Koscheck stated that he wanted to use Pierce as a stepping stone to get back into title contention, while Pierce was hoping to gain some consideration of his own in the weight class with a win.

Koscheck came into the fight looking in possibly the best shape I've ever seen him. He looked extremely lean, particularly in comparison to the beefy Pierce. The first round involved a mix of Pierce clinching Koscheck against the cage and some standup. Koscheck appeared to take slightly more punishment from trading blows and was able to prevent any sort of takedown against the cage, but Pierce controlled the pace of the first round a bit more than did Kos.

In the opening minute of the second round, Pierce again pressed the issue, but as they stood and traded blows, an inadvertent headbutt by Koscheck opened up a cut on Pierce's hairline, which immediately started to bleed. About halfway through the round, Koscheck received a warning for having open hands, with referee Herb Dean telling him to watch his fingers. Seconds later, Koscheck grabbed the first successful takedown of the fight with a double-leg. After the second round, Dean again spoke to Koscheck about the fingers. Pierce looked winded in his corner after the round and appeared to be bleeding quite a bit from the hairline cut.

Pierce grabbed a single-leg in the opening minute of the final round and got his own takedown, but Kos was quickly back to his feet. After some more clinching against the cage, both fighters began trading blows in earnest, with Koscheck landing solid shots and a good combo, but Pierce landed just as many shots to the head of his own, throwing in a Muay Thai clinch and knee to the body for good measure. Koscheck, sure enough, poked Pierce in the eye inadvertently due to his fingers being out and Dean once again took him to task, giving him a final warning. Kos once again shot in hard with a double-leg and got another takedown in the final 0:30. Pierce landed a spinning elbow just before time expired and the fight went to the judges. Pierce appeared to have taken more visible damage throughout the fight but it was extremely close in all respects, with both fighters very evenly matched.

The judges scored the fight 29-28 Pierce, 29-28 Koscheck and 29-28 Koscheck, giving him the win by split decision. One of the closer fights in recent memory and probably not impressive enough of a win to get him back in the welterweight title picture immediately.

Other results from the main card, in less-than-thrilling fights:

Middleweight bout: Ed Herman vs. Clifford Starks
Herman defeated Starks via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:43 of round 2.

Bantamweight bout: Renan Barão vs. Scott Jorgensen
Barão defeated Jorgensen via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

For complete coverage and results of UFC 143: Diaz Vs. Condit, stay tuned to this StoryStream. For all news and information regarding UFC 143 and mixed martial arts, please visit Bloody Elbow and SB Nation's dedicated MMA hub.


UFC 143 Results: Chris Cope KO'd In Second Round By Matt Brown, Plus Full Prelim Results

UFC 143 takes place live on Saturday, February 5. We have all of the results for the event which culminates in a match between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit for the interim Welterweight Championship.

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