Mar 4, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Sacramento Kings point guard Jimmer Fredette (left) on the bench during the fourth quarter against the Phoenix Suns at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

NBA Power Rankings: Warriors, Kings Near The Bottom Of The League

The Golden State Warriors are going in the direction of the Sacramento Kings - the wrong one.

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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Warriors, Kings Still In Bottom Third Of The League

Three different sets of NBA Power Rankings and each one ranks the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings in back-to-back spots. The actual ranking might change, but the Warriors and Kings' subpar seasons are seemingly tied at the hip.

SB Nation ranks the Warriors at no. 25 after a 1-4 week. They also point out how the Warriors need the teams below them to finish stronger so they can get more balls in the draft lottery.

Sportsline ranks the Warriors at no. 24 and just had this to say: "Just tank, baby."

ESPN ranks the Warriors at no. 22 and still can't believe that the same group of fans that cheered on the memorable 'We Believe' campaign in 2007 just booed their owner during Chris Mullin's jersey retirement ceremony. But yep, those were the same fans.

SB Nation ranks the Kings at no. 26 after a 1-2 week. Seriousness has been thrown away. Seriously. Check for yourself.

Sportsline ranks the Kings at no. 23 and gives an analogy that makes plenty of sense. But the ending is where the truth lies. This is a dangerous team to play right now.

ESPN ranks the Kings at no. 23. Rookie point guard Isaiah Thomas has taken all the glimmer from Jimmer this season. For every great moment by Thomas, there is more of a reminder of how much of a disappointment Fredette's rookie season has been.


NBA Power Rankings 2012: ESPN Drops Warriors, Kings Move Up

Well, at least he was a little more positive.

After SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings were released and dissected, we turned our attention to ESPN's Marc Stein and his Power Rankings. And, at least in the case of the Sacramento Kings, has a more positive outlook on where the Kings and the Golden State Warriors currently stand in conjunction with the rest of the league.

The Warriors sit at no. 23, four spots below where they were last week. And as if Dubs owner Joe Lacob wasn't going through enough already, as a precursor to the Chris Mullin retirement ceremony debacle, Stein quoted Lacob saying that the Dubs trading for Andrew Bogut was "the transcendent deal that's going to change everything." He even likened it to Kevin Garnett's arrival in Boston. Yep, he said that. Can't make this stuff up.

The Kings moved up two spots to no. 24. Stein shouted out Jason Thompson, Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Thornton as the highlights during the Kings' recent play. But he couldn't hold back the urge to drop Mayor Kevin Johnson's name, since, well, Stein likes to do that.


NBA Power Rankings: Warriors And Kings Both Faltering

The Golden State Warriors are starting to mirror the Sacramento Kings and that's not a good thing.

The Kings have been among the worst teams in the league for most of the season but the Warriors always seemed to be right on the edge of joining the middle of the road teams and leaving the depths of the NBA Power Rankings to the likes of the Kings.

But the Warriors are there now and it might get worse.

At 18-24, SB Nation's Tom Ziller could only joke that Warriors fans have the Nate Robinson-David Lee pick and roll to look forward to. Monta Ellis is gone and both Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut are injured. Good times in Oakland.

Meanwhile, the Kings sit at no. 27 in Ziller's rankings. The Kings are a continual mystery. A roster loaded with talent but the inconsistency is borderline clinical. Their week included losses to the Warriors and Detroit Pistons and a big win over the Boston Celtics by 25. Yep, nobody gets it.


NBA Power Rankings: Warriors Search For Big Man Continues, Kings On Cloud Nine

It's the beginning of the second half of the season and the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings start it just like they ended it. The Warriors are not a good team, but they aren't terrible either. The Kings are oozing with potential and that potential usually kills them.

Either way you look at it the Bay Area teams are struggling to keep up with the rest of the Western Conference and it shows in the NBA Power Rankings.

ESPN ranks the Warriors at no. 19 and points out what we've been saying for quite some time. One, that Monta Ellis has had the highest scoring average among snubbed All-Stars for three straight years, which has to be a record of some sort. And two, the Warriors need a big man since it is easier to play basketball when it is five-on-five instead of four-on-five.

ESPN ranks the Kings at no. 26 but nothing really matters right now about the team itself because the great Kevin Johnson has saved basketball in Sacramento so that is cause enough for celebration.


NBA Power Rankings 2012: Warriors Still Good At Being Bad, Kings Search For Mayor

The Golden State Warriors are fighting. They really are. But someone always has to lose in a fight and ESPN's NBA Power Rankings reminded Dubs fans of that very fact.

Ranked no. 22 in this week's batch, down two spots from last week, ESPN's Marc Stein pointed out that the Dubs have lost nine games already this season when they were within a point, leading or tied with 90 seconds to play. He almost gave the Warriors an out by saying they don't have anyone on the roster that's in their 30s but that's not an excuse. Either way, it's tough to swallow.

As for the Sacramento Kings, Stein dropped them five spots to no. 27 and began pining for the services of Sacramento mayor and former NBA-All Star Kevin Johnson. This team needs a true point guard in the worst way.

SB Nation didn't have much to say about the Warriors (no. 20 in the power rankings) nor the Kings (no. 25 in the power rankings). He did drop a nugget about the Warriors being the best bad team in the league though. Can't argue with that.

And that the Kings have lowered the point differential in their defeats. Whoo hoo!


NBA Power Rankings 2012: Warriors And Kings Hover In Mediocrity

Another year, another month, another week. The Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings are still in the bottom tier of the NBA conference, hovering somewhere above perpetual suck but below playoff challengers. Both these teams seem doomed to finish at or around .400 for the rest of their basketball lives.

That's where both of those teams hover right now. None of them are nowhere near last place and both seem to have experienced pro

Marc Stein released his NBA ESPN Power Rankings. The Warriors finished in 20th place, moving only a spot up last week. But they had some promising wins over Denver and Houston.

How much more eager will Dubs owner Joe Lacob be to make a splashy trade when someone breaks it to him that Golden State hasn't had an All-Star since ... Spree in 1997? It's a drought six seasons longer than the next teams in line: Milwaukee (Redd in 2004) and Sacramento (Peja in 2004).

The Kings also had perhaps one of the best wins of the season, beating Oklahoma City, but they also lost to the Suns and the Timberwolves.

The Kings are a decent 8-12 under Keith Smart, sport seven wins against playoff teams from last season after rising to the TNT occasion Thursday night to stun OKC and have happily watched Boogie Cousins rack up four games with at least 19 boards, second in the league only to Dwight Howard's six.

To talk about where the Kings should rank overall, head on over to Sactown Royalty. To discuss where the Warriors should rank overall, go to Golden State of Mind.


NBA Power Rankings: Kings Finally No. 1 In Something, Warriors Not Too Far Behind

Our friend Tom Ziller used a different formula for his NBA Power Rankings this week, choosing to rank the league's most loveable teams in light of Valentine's Day approaching and what do you know, the Sacramento Kings topped the list. Just check out Ziller's great list of reasons why.

"Between Tyreke Evans singing "Tell Me Something Good" during a ref review on Thursday, DeMarcus Cousins' smirks, the camaraderie of Donte Greene and Jason Thompson, the presence of Jimmer Fredette and Isaiah Thomas' phenomenal swag, this club is gunning for the 1994 Orlando Magic's lovability record"

Gotta love it.

The Golden State Warriors weren't too far behind at no. 7 due to Stephen Curry's epic wedding engagement photo.

But for actual basketball related rankings...

The Warriors moved up one spot to no. 20 in the ESPN Power Rankings. But as per usual with Warriors mentions, ESPN's Marc Stein mentioned that the Dubs haven't had an All-Star since Latrell Sprewell in 1997. Their All-Star drought is six seasons longer than the next teams in line - Milwaukee and fellow Bay Area member, Sacramento.

Speaking of the Kings, they sit at no. 22 in the ESPN rankings, same spot as last week. Cousins is second in the league behind Dwight Howard's six with four game with at least 19 rebounds and the Kings are 8-12 under Keith Smart, including beating Oklahoma City on national TV. They aren't good, but they aren't all that bad either.


NBA Power Rankings: ESPN, SB Nation Have Kings Figuring It Out, Warriors Still The Same

Are the Sacramento Kings starting to get a little love? That's what it's looking like as the SB Nation NBA Power Rankings have the 8-15 Kings sitting at no. 23 in its recent rankings.

SB Nation had this to say about the Kings:

"Paul Westphal tried to publicly show up perhaps his best player. Guess how that worked out? Since Keith Smart took over, DeMarcus Cousins has been a machine, and Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton have come around. This team could be on a four-game winning streak heading into its only national TV appearance on Thursday."

It's funny what can happen once a coach a group of players have tuned out is finally removed. Now this young collection of talent may finally find its way. Only time will tell.

ESPN ranked the Kings at no. 22, up four spots from last week, but mentioned how the return of Marcus Thornton may have been the reason for Jimmer Fredette's first two DNP-CDs of his career.

Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors are mired in the same old song.

Here is SB Nation's take:

"The Warriors have changed in one area under Mark Jackson: they are not nearly as fun to watch. Golden State's offense still cooks, but at a much slower pace. The defense is still horrid. Stephen Curry is still a walking injury concern. Nothing ever changes in this world."

And there you have it. ESPN ranked the Warriors at no. 21, two spots up from last week but spoke on how the ever-faithful Warriors fans have to be getting tired of the same level of inconsistency that has plagued this team for awhile now.


NBA Power Rankings: ESPN, SBNation Both Drop Kings, Warriors Even Further

The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings can't seem to separate from each other. Both teams again have the same number of wins at six, only the Kings have two more losses with 14 to the Dubs' 12. And both teams are rightfully viewed among the bottom crust of the league and it shows in the nation's power rankings.

ESPN dropped Golden State two spots to no. 23 and pointed out how poorly the Warriors have played against the Western Conference (1-7). SBNation put them at no. 25 and pointed out the same issue the Warriors have had for years - an explosive offense and a lackluster defense. The Warriors currently have the no. 6 shooting offense and no. 22 shooting defense. Something has to give.

ESPN dropped the Kings four spots to no. 26 but gave Jimmer Fredette some pub as he's hit 17 of his last 25 three-point attempts after shooting below 40-percent from that distance prior to his recent surge. SBNation wasn't as kind. It too ranked the Kings at no. 26 but declared them the worst 6-14 team in NBA history. Three losses of at least 29 points and six 20-point losses doesn't exactly garner too much respect.


NBA Power Rankings: ESPN, SBNation Agree On Warriors, Differ On Kings

Warriors have found their identity but the Kings are still finding their way through the Power Rankings.


NBA Power Rankings: ESPN, SBNation Give Golden State Warriors Get Love, Sacramento Kings Get Coals

Golden State Warriors are still trying to find themselves while the Kings continue to tumble.

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