Andre Ward Dominates Carl Froch In Super Six World Boxing Classic Final

Andre Ward and Carl Froch are tentatively set to fight on October 29 in the Super Six Super Middleweight World Boxing Classic. We'll provide news updates, fight previews and recaps as the event approaches. For more in-depth boxing discussion, check out Bad Left Hook.

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Ward Vs. Froch Results: Andre Ward Dominates In Super Six Final, Looks To Future

Late Saturday, Andre Ward walked out of Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City as the Super Six World Boxing Classic winner and new Ring Magazine super middleweight champion. Ward put on a clinic Saturday evening as he dominated British fighter Carl Froch to claim Froch's WBC title and secure the previously vacant Ring Magazine title.

Although the score cards were a bit surprising with two judges giving Ward the fight by only a 115-113 margin, there was no question Ward dominated the fight. Even as the two 115-113 scorecards were read aloud, Froch shook his head in a bit of disbelief. Afterward he acknowledged that Ward had decisively beaten him. Froch thought he might have a better shot with a new game plan, but there is no doubt at this point that Ward is the superior fighter and the class of the 168 pound division.

After the fight, Ward said he was going to tale a long, well deserved rest while he and his promotional team figured out his next fight. The past two years have featured nothing but top of the line competition for Ward, so it is understandable he wants to take a brief break before returning to the ring. It is not a retirement by any stretch of the imagination, but rather just a breather.

While fighters often mix in some easier fights once in a while, Ward will likely be looking at continued top-level competition. The fight much of the boxing world wants to see now is Ward vs. Lucian Bute. Although Bute is now a Showtime fighter, he was not invited to the Super Six when it first got started. He has been considered the best super middleweight not taking part in the Super Six, so that is likely a fight that will happen at some point.

If Ward-Bute does not happen, another possibility would be Andre Ward versus fellow 2004 Olympian Andre Dirrell. There was a chance they could meet in the Super Six, but Dirrell had to withdraw from the tournament due to neurological issues. He will fight Darryl Cunningham in the next couple weeks, and if he wins it could set up a bout with Ward.


Ward Vs. Froch Results: Andre Ward Dominates Carl Froch In Unanimous Decision

Oakland-based fighter Andre Ward capped a strong two-year performance in the Super Six World Boxing Classic as he dominated WBC-titlist Carl Froch en route to a unanimous decision victory. Ward claimed two of the score cards 115-113 and the third 118-10. The two 115-113 cards were big surprises as Ward seemingly dominated almost the entire fight. I had it 118-110 with Ward winning ten of the twelve rounds. I could have seen 117-111, maaaaaybe 116-112, but 115-113 was pretty surprising. The ironic part is that the British judge scored it 118-110 for Ward.

Ward dominated from the get-go and did not really let up until he had built a solid seven or eight round lead. Froch was keeping busy but most of his punches were missing. Ward put on a masterful defensive effort to prevent Froch from landing much of anything.

Beyond that however, Ward put together a strong offensive showing that might have caught Froch off guard. Ward is viewed as a very physical fighter, but he does not get as much respect for his offensive skills. On Saturday evening, he consistently landed the harder shots, most notably with a variety of hooks to the head.

Froch did make some inroads late as Ward seemed to step off the gas a bit, but Froch could nothing going with any measure of consistency. He picked up a round here or there, but it was simply not enough against Ward. Simply put, Andre Ward proved he was a superior fighter in every facet of the fight.


Ward Vs. Froch, Super Six World Boxing Classic: TV Schedule, Odds

More than two years after it first got started, the Super Six World Boxing Classic comes to an end Saturday evening. Oakand-based Andre Ward will meet Carl Froch in Atlantic City for the WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine super middleweight titles. The tournament was created to crown the best super middleweight in the world, and it has done a good job paring down the prospects.

The fight will take place on Showtime at 9:00pm ET/PT. It will go down at the world famous Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City and Andre Ward remains a significant favorite. Bodog has Ward sitting as a -325 favorite, with Froch sitting as a +250 underdog. Both fighters are technically sound and most expect this fight to go the distance.

Ward vs. Froch is the only televised fight, but there will be a pair of non-televised fights before the main event. Bad Left Hook has a breakdown of the undercardBad Left Hook will have round-by-round coverage in their open thread later this evening.


Ward Vs. Froch Weigh-In: Both Fighters Right Near Super Middleweight Limit

Andre Ward, who fights out of Oakland and the Bay Area, is set to fight Carl Froch on Saturday night for a chance at being the top super middleweight fighter in the world. There is a lot of pressure on Ward this weekend, especially with so many around boxing expecting him to have a breakout fight against Froch.

At the weigh in, Ward tipped the scale at the uppermost limit of 168lbs, while the 34-year old Froch came in at 167.5. As for Froch, he is not too concerned about the fight, according to this report:

"I have come in again smack on the money weight-wise, no problem at all. I'm feeling good, confident, strong," Froch told Sky Sports. "Mentally, physically, the training, the sparring, the preparation, it has all gone good so I couldn't be happier."

Despite Froch's confidence, many are looking for Ward to make a statement this weekend, including SB Nation's own boxing website, Bad Left Hook:

(Ward) must do something that will make people stop flipping through the channels, and watch him when they could be doing something else. Ward entered the Super Six to prove that he is the best super middleweight in the world, and raise his profile immensely. He has achieved the former, but the latter will not be quenched merely by winning. He must look special.

For Andre Ward the time for him to shine is immediate. He needs to look like a star against Carl Froch on Saturday, or much of what he has aimed for will be missed. And Froch will not be an easy target.

All eyes will be on the Bay Area's prized fighter on Saturday night. Will Andre Ward finally step up and announce himself to the world, or will he disappoint his fans across the nation? We'll find out soon.


Ward Vs. Froch Preview: Oakland-Based Ward Looks To Climb To Top Of Super Middlewight Division

Saturday evening, Oakland-based fighter Andre Ward will face off against Nottingham, England-based Carl Froch with the Super Six Super Middleweight trophy on the line. Ward and Froch were two of eight fighters who took part in the World Boxing Classic. The tournament was meant to help crown an undisputed super middleweight champion and was the first of its kind in professional boxing.

Ward and Froch have both emerged as stars through this tournament with Ward likely gaining the most from the tournament. Ward enters the fight as a significant favorite thanks in part to his dominance throughout the tournament. While he has not fought perfectly, he has won virtually every round of his tournament fights.

Andre Ward has benefited in the tournament by fighting two of his fights in Oakland and one in Carson, California. He will face Froch in Atlantic City, which is viewed as a much more neutral option for Froch than a California location. While Ward has fought outside of California during his career, a vast majority of his fights have taken place in the Golden State.

We had a chance to chat with Scott Christ from Bad Left Hook to get an idea of what to expect on Saturday. BLH has been covering the build up to the fight and will have round-by-round coverage of the bout. Scott had the following to say about Ward vs. Froch:

What to expect: Those expecting a high-action fight could be left disappointed, as Ward and Froch both lean toward the cerebral side of things. As much as Froch talks about bringing action and heavy-hitting, he's a smart fighter and knows that he has to find openings. Ward is a highly intelligent fighter. This could also get a little chippy, as neither man is afraid to get physical with the head, with elbows, with rabbit punches. At best we could get a terrific tactical fight, but tactical fighting isn't for everyone, so casual fans need to go in not expecting two guys to come out guns blazing. It's not that type of matchup.

What Ward needs to do to win: Be himself, basically. Carl can be easily frustrated at times, as he has a habit of fighting emotionally, and he can be driven to make major mistakes. Ward is good enough to capitalize on those, to win the fight at range or inside, and has the right strengths to really take Froch out of his game plan.

What Froch needs to do to win: Put in the best performance of his career. Froch's tournament wins have come against Andre Dirrell in a debatable foul-fest where many felt Carl got a hometown decision; Arthur Abraham in a shutout against a guy whose stock dropped like a rock in the tournament; and Glen Johnson, who is in his 40s and hasn't beaten an A-level fighter in years. Carl's best tournament performance may actually have been his close loss in Denmark to Mikkel Kessler, which was also by far the best fight of the Super Six. Froch has proven critics and skeptics wrong time and again, though -- so don't simply expect that he can't do it once again. He's an underdog here, but he's been one before and come out the winner.

Thanks to Scott for his thoughts on Ward vs. Froch. We will have weigh-in information and and plenty of fight-day news, but make sure and check Bad Left Hook on Saturday for round-by-round analysis during the fight.


Andre Ward Suffers Training Camp Cut, Delaying Carl Froch Fight

The highly anticipated Super Six World Boxing Final between Oakland's Andre Ward and Britain's Carl Froch will unfortunately have to be put on hold after Ward was gashed open during a training session, requiring seven stitches to close the wound. 

"Bad news: I sustained a cut in sparring a few hours ago," Ward tweeted Thursday night. "Flew to (Los Angeles) to see the Doc. I got 7 stitches. I will let you know the new date soon."    

Promoter Dan Goossen called it a 'fluke cut' over Ward's right eyebrow that he received from sparring partner Brandon Gonzalez. Ward headed straight to the airport to meet Goossen, flew to renown plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wallace to patch him up, the same doctor that worked miracles with Vitali Klitschko's horrendous wound he suffered during a fight with Lennox Lewis in 2003. 

Goossen noted that the fall boxing schedule is rather crowded, and it's likely that this fight won't happen now until the next calendar year. As for Froch's camp, well, let's just say they're not happy about the postponement: 

"All we can go on is the news given by Andre Ward, and he was very unprofessional to do so in that manner," Eddie Hearn, Froch's promoter, told Sky Sports in England. "His promoters will be fuming at the way he delivered that message. I told Carl go to the gym this morning. He's sparring at the moment and we're ready to go in October. We're not happy. We don't believe it and won't believe it until we see the cut.

Froch's camp also found it odd that Ward would be training so late at night, but feels that Showtime, the channel the fight's to be broadcast on, will make sure to get some evidence on the cut to quell Froch and fans alike for this unfortunate postponement. 


Andre Ward, Carl Froch Discuss Upcoming Super Six Final Bout In Oakland Press Conference

The Super Six Super Middleweight Tournament has reached the final fight between Andre Ward and Carl Froch. The two fighters wrapped up a three-city promotional tour today with a visit to Ward's hometown of Oakland, California. We'll have a much more detailed write-up in the next 24 hours with plenty of pictures and video.

In the meantime, it's worth noting that while both fighters were confident of their abilities and their chances, it was a fairly sublime affair as they have handled themselves in a classy manner thus far. As both sides pointed out, these promotional tours often lead to trash-talking and belittling of the opponent. In London, Froch did question Ward's power and his performances to date. However, in Oakland Froch acknowledged Ward as a world-class fighter, declaring the two of them as the best in their division and prepared to put on a fantastic fight when they meet October 29.

The two promoters, Dan Goossen and Eddie Hearn, were both optimistic about their respective fighter's chances. Goossen played up to the Oakland crowd, getting the gathering to chant for Ward. Hearn expressed his admiration for Ward and the crowd, but was quick to point out that they would be disappointed on October 29 because Carl Froch was simply in-human and nothing like what Ward had seen to date. Although neither side went to far with the self-promotion, it was still a fairly entertaining affair.

We'll be back with more details from the Oakland press conference, including video and pictures. In the meantime, head over to Bad Left Hook to follow their detailed coverage leading up to the October 29 championship bout.


Super Six Final: Carl Froch Worried About Judging For Andre Ward In Atlantic City

As the Super Six final approaches in late October, Carl Froch has begun to raise some concerns about the judging of the fight. The fight will take place in Atlantic City and Froch is concerned about fighting an American boxer in America. Given Froch's own dubious decision victory over Andre Dirrell in the opening round of the Super Six, this is not a surprising tactic by the English fighter.

If this fight were being held in California I'd be a bit more concerned about the judging. Hopefully hosting this fight in Atlantic City can remove some of the issues that might arise over questionable judging. Nonetheless, if this goes to the cards and Andre Ward pulls out anything remotely close, expect Carl Froch to raise some serious hell about it. Froch is sitting as a noticeable underdog, so he has at the very least set up an excuse if this fight ends up going to the cards.


VIDEO: Andre Ward, Carl Froch Discuss Upcoming Super Six Final At London Press Conference

Andre Ward and Carl Froch met Monday for a promotional press conference in London and we’ve got some video from the event. Promoter Dan Goossen had plenty to say about the chances of a sellout and also wanted to correct folks about the terminology of the Super Six Cup and not the Super Six trophy.

A Q&A begins at the 4:00 minute mark with Ward taking the first question as it relates to his journey as a fighter to reaching the finals. This was followed by Froch discussing his journey to the final and having a few choice words about Ward’s level of competition and his performance against Mikkel Kessler. I don’t think there will be much in the way of bad blood between Froch and Ward, but it’s not surprising to see the two sides attempting to tease things at least a little bit in advance of the October 29 bout.


Super Six Final, Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch: Promotional Tour Takes Fighters Through London, New York, Oakland

The final match of the Super Six World Boxing Classic is set for October 29 in Atlantic City and the promotional tour is officially underway. The two fighters started their promotion of the bout with a press conference in London, in which Froch worked to get in Ward's head a bit:

"I have not been impressed with Andre and his level of opposition. Look at his record. He's fought good fighters but not at the level where we are now. The only opponent that is up there on his record is Mikkel Kessler. And I watched that fight. I didn't care for it, to be honest. I didn't like that Mikkel had to travel with his title only to have Andre throwing his head around in there, causing the cuts and such.

"On Oct. 29, as long as it's a clean, fair fight I am not worried about Ward. He has no power whatsoever. And his hand speed, sure it's fast, but even he'll tell you it's not as fast as Andre Dirrell's. And I handled Dirrell quite easily."

Ward enters the fight as a fairly sizable favorite with the oddsmakers. Froch is more experienced, but Andre Ward has spent the last two years turning the Super Six into his coming out party. At the same time, he's fought all his fights in California and will have something to prove when he heads east to fight a savvy veteran in Froch.

The promotional tour will continue on Tuesday in New York and wrap up Wednesday in Oakland. Both NYC and Oakland will be streamed live, and the Oakland press conference will be open to the public. Fans looking to attend can head to Oakland City Hall Plaza on 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza. The press conference will start at 11:30am.

In the meantime, here's some video of Dan Goossen discussing Andre Ward:


Super Six Final, Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch: Ward Discusses Possible East Coast Final Bout

Super middleweight titlist Andre Ward took a few minutes to chat with and discuss his upcoming bout with Carl Froch and the perception of Ward in the general public. The folks at Bad Left Hook broke down a couple of the key comments in the article.

Ward is set to fight Froch in the Super Six Super Middle Weight tournament final on October 29. The fight looks set to take place in Atlantic City and will mark his third fight on the East Coast. It is his biggest bout back east as Ward has spent much of his career fighting in California.

In his three Super Six fights Ward has fought in Oakland, facing Mikkel Kessler, Allan Green and Arthur Abraham at Oracle Arena. On the other hand, Froch has fought once at home in Nottingham, and then on the road or neurtal sites in Denmark, Finland, and Atlantic City.

While Ward will be the favorite in this fight, it will be interesting to see how he handles a neutral site. Additionally, Froch fought his most recent fight at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Ward discussed whether he viewed that as an advantage for Froch:

Well, I think that it is an advantage. And I’ll give him that, because everybody wants to talk about the advantages that I’ve had fighting in Oakland, so there you go. Froch has fought in Atlantic City once. I’ve never been there. Now the ball is in his court. He has the advantage, so now, Andre Ward is at a disadvantage going into a fight.

It could simply be Ward trying to put some of the favorite pressure back on Froch.

Head over to to read the entire interview.


Super Six Final: Andre Ward-Carl Froch Looking At Atlantic City

Andre Ward and Carl Froch will square off on October 29 in the Super Six World Boxing Classic Final, but the question remains as to where that fight will take place. Las Vegas and New York City both popped up as options, but now Atlantic City is entering the discussion. The discussion is apparently down to Boardwalk Hall in AC and an undisclosed location in Las Vegas. Neither fighter would agree to fight in the other's hometown so we now see discussions surrounding traditional boxing sites.

The fight is just under four months away and Ward remains a heavy betting favorite. He comes in below even money coming in as low as 1/3 and as high as 1/2. Froch is ranging between 6/4 and 2/1. Ward has turned this tournament into his own personal playground, dominating Mikkel Kessler, Allan Green and Arthur Abraham on points. Froch got an ugly points win over Andre Dirrell, lost a tough fight to Kessler, dominated Abraham, and won a clear decision victory over Glen Johnson. Froch will have a tough time with the skills of Ward, who has emerged as the big name in the Super Six.


Super Six World Boxing Classic Final: Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch Tentatively Set For October 29, 2011

Coming off Carl Froch's majority decision victory over Glen Johnson and Andre Ward's unanimous decision victory over Arthur Abraham, the final match of the Super Six Super Middle Weight World Boxing Classic is set. And now we have a tentative date for the fight. The Sun is reporting that Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch is being targeted for October 29 in either Las Vegas or New York. Carl Froch spoke with The Sun and indicated he's pushing hard for Las Vegas:

"It's the boxing capital of the world and to see my name in lights along the Strip would be awesome. All boxers dream of fighting there and I'm no exception. I'm hopeful a deal can be done."

Andre Ward has opened as a fairly heavy favorite in this fight in part because of how thoroughly he has dominated his three Super Six opponents. It's reached the point where he's lost very few rounds, if any, thus far. As BLH said above, the early buzz is for a Ward domination.

The question in regards to location will be how well the two can draw, whether it be in Las Vegas or New York. The two fighters have increased their name recognition with their performances thus far, but they're still not at the level of the Manny Pacquiao's, Bernard Hopkins', or even Wladimir Klitschko's of the world. Even in Oakland Andre Ward struggled to sell his fight and he's a native of the East Bay. Bringing a European fighter and a less than stellar selling California fighter could make for a tough draw.

We'll be here over the course of the next four months as we get ready to crown the Super Six champion. While this won't quite crown the king of the super middleweight division (Lucian Bute has something to say about that), it will put the division in a position to crown a true champion not too long after. I'd have to imagine the winner of Ward-Froch will face Bute in either their next fight, or one not too long after that. Either way we're well on our way to crowing the undisputed super middleweight champion of the world, and hopefully it's East Bay-native Andre Ward.

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