In Light Of Loss To Chiefs, 49ers Fire Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye

The San Francisco 49ers still have yet to record a victory in three games, losing to the Chiefs, 31-10. After dropping the game in huge fashion, the team has prompted to fire offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. For more coverage of the game, check out SF SB Nation blog, Niners Nation.

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49ers Press Conference Streaming At CSN Bay Area, Veterans Reportedly Benched

Jason LaConfora tweeted recently that the 49ers may be benching a couple defensive veterans after the team's disappointing and embarrassing loss on Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs.

In addition to coaching shake-up in San Fran, I hear veterans Michael Lewis and Takeo Spikes being benched on defense. Big change for 49ers

Looks like some of the younger players (or perhaps, albeit unlikely, a veteran signee) will be getting the starts at strong safety and TED linebacker positions. Seems like it will be LB NaVorro Bowman making the start next week against the Atlanta Falcons, and either Reggie Smith or Taylor Mays getting the start at strong safety. Mays figures to be the starter of the future, but Smith appears more game ready. None of these guys played exceptionally well against the Chiefs, but then again, nobody did.

Either way, there's a chance it may be official today, at around 11:45 a.m. when Mike Singletary and the 49ers hold a press conference to announce the offensive coordinator change, among (supposedly) other things. CSN Bay Area will be streaming the conference live at this page here. It also should be on your TV on the CSN Bay Area channel. 

Our 49ers blog, Niners Nation, has an open thread with an embedded video of the live stream in preperation of the 11:45 a.m. start time, so head over there for discussion.


49ers Fire Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye, Johnson Promoted

The NFL Network originally reported that Mike Singletary pulled the trigger on firing the 49ers offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. The firing comes after a big loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, a game which saw the team run a series of short pass plays and running plays (including three in a row in the fourth quarter down three touchdowns), clearly frustrating quarterback Alex Smith.

Matt Maiocco of Comcast SportsNet is reporting that quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson is getting the promotion, and will be handling the day-to-day gameplanning and preparation week in and week out.

Mike has everything it takes to be a successful coordinator or head coach in the NFL," Oregon State coach Mike Riley told me last year. "He's got the attention to detail, the character, charisma and physical presence. He's the complete package as a coach and person.

Something had to give for this 0-3 football team, and in this case, it was Jimmy Raye. Let's see if anything can get done with Johnson in there. He has his own philosophies, and one can imagine that the base offense will still be the same, but one can also wonder what will be different. Suppose we have to look forward to Atlanta for that.


Chiefs Beat 49ers Senseless Up And Down The Football Field

The San Francisco 49ers couldn't get anything done against the Chiefs in their week three matchup. The Chiefs dominated every aspect of the football game in such a way that the Seattle Seahawks did in week one.

On offense, the offensive line was abysmal. Rookie right tackle Anthony Davis and starting right guard Chilo Rachal were invisible, being consistently beat, while the rest of the line stayed their course of "have one good play, then have one bad play," throughout the entirety of the game. No run blocking, no pass blocking, and no fight at all. The unit looked uninspired as a whole.

Bad offensive line play led to bad production from quarterback Alex Smith and running back Frank Gore. Passes were incomplete, Smith had to scramble on virtually every play and was done no favors by his line or receivers. Frank Gore was stuffed on basically every run play. The offense did nothing, and it all starts with the line up front.

Defensively, they started strong, the entire unit bringing pressure and doing well to make key stops, but eventually, the offense's inability to sustain a drive drained them of all of their juice. They just lost it as it went along, even star linebacker Patrick Willis wasn't playing to his usual intensity, slowing down at crucial points and generally looking as deflated as the rest of the defense.

Special teams didn't fare much better, they made some good stops and looked to be handling a tough Chiefs return game, in between huge returns that left the unit as deflated as the rest. It was, all-in-all, a poor showing by the 49ers, who are now 0-3 to start their season and firmly planted in the bottom of the NFC West. 

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