ARLINGTON TX - NOVEMBER 01: The San Francisco Giants celebrate defeating the Texas Rangers 3-1 to win the 2010 MLB World Series at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on November 1 2010 in Arlington Texas. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

MLB World Series 2010: San Francisco Giants Win Their First World Series Since 1954

A three-run home run by Edgar Renteria in the top of the seventh broke a scoreless tie, Tim Lincecum won his second of the World Series and Brian Wilson shut down the ninth to make the San Francisco Giants your 2010 World Series champions. To join in on the celebration, go over to SB Nation's San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles and stick around in this stream for information going forward over the next week, including the Giants upcoming victory parade!

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2010 World Series: Sports Illustrated Celebrates San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Victory

One of the fun little perks of winning the World Series is the winning franchise gets slapped across the front of Sports Illustrated. The latest edition of Sports Illustrated is out for purchase and I’d imagine Giants will want to hop all over what automatically becomes a collectible (I still have my SI issues from the UNLV Rebels Championship Run!).

Given Sports Illustrated’s broad coverage, I am not exactly shocked to learn that this is the Giants first appearance on the cover of SI since Tim Lincecum made an appearance July 7, 2008. It’s the 24th Giants appearance on the cover. This appearance was covered by senior baseball writer Tom Verducci who discussed the top notch pitching:

“The Giants became the first team since the 1966 Orioles to throw two shutouts in the World Series, giving them four for the postseason. Only two other teams, both legendary, ever threw that many in a postseason: the 1998 Yankees, winners of a record 125 games, and the 1905 Giants, the franchise’s first championship team. It was in that dead-ball environment a century ago when Christy Mathewson and Joe McGinnity won all four Series games with shutouts. Consider them the forefathers to the Big Four more than a century later. This Giants’ title bore a striking resemblance to the first: Pitching was made cool again.”

And of course Brian Sabean, who has been raked over the coals in recent years due to some of his dealings can finally step forward with a big fat I Told You So:

“If [Giants general manager Brian] Sabean bore the look of a proud papa, it was because the World Series became a graduation ceremony for his young pitchers. In every game this postseason San Francisco sent out a starter who was signed and developed by the organization and was no older than 27. No other team had ever pulled off such a feat since the draft was instituted in 1965. To find that many homegrown starters in a World Series that young, you have to go back to 1956, when the Yankees started Whitey Ford, Dan Larsen, Tom Sturdivant, Bob Turley and Johnny Kucks. During the postseason the Giants were slump-proof because of that rotation. They never lost two games in a row, and the starters’ ERA in four games following a defeat was 1.11.”


MLB World Series 2010: Edgar Renteria Joins Berra, DiMaggio, And Gehrig

Edgar Renteria only played 72 games in 2010. He struggled with bicep and groin injuries and struggled to stay in the lineup.

Then only weeks before the regular season ended and the Giants on the verge of elimination, he revealed to his fellow teammates this could be it. Amy Nelson of ESPN with the story.

With tears in his eyes and the thought of retirement nearing, the soft-spoken Renteria stood in front of his teammates in the crammed cage.

"I've been playing this game a long time, and honestly," he said, "this could be my last year."

Renteria tried to say more, wanted to say how if they have the chance to put him in the playoffs, he knew the team was capable of more. He believed in them, and just wanted everyone to play hard. He got some of that out, but then was overcome by emotion. At the time, Renteria was weeping and was no longer able to speak.

One by one, teammates began to embrace him. Manny Burriss, a 25-year-old infielder with the team, looked around the cage.

Could it be a giant coincidence that the Giants crushed the Cubs that night and then went on to storm to the World Series? Who knows. Was it exceedingly random that Renteria crushed in two home runs and six RBIs after only hitting THREE the entire regular season? Perhaps.

But there's one thing that's clear. Renteria is now among the legends in terms of timely World Series hitting. Add in his hit to win Game 7 of the 1997 World Series for the Florida Marlins, and he now stands with Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, and Lou Gehrig as the only players to hit multiple game-winning hits in World Series history. Not a bad way for Renteria to go out. They don't write fairy tales quite like this.


MLB World Series 2010: An Historic Run By The Homegrown San Francisco Giants Pitching Staff

(Image courtesy of Natto of McCovey Chronicles)

First the Braves got "unlucky" because the bats went cold against San Francisco in the NLDS. Then the most powerful lineup in the National League couldn't generate much of anything when it counted as the Phillies fell in six. Then the Texas Rangers couldn't even bat .200 as they got closed down in five.

Strange how "unlucky" teams get when they face the Giants. Coincidence much?

J.T. Snow says it all. John Shea got this gem of a quote.

With all due respect to the guys in ’02 . . . if we had this friggin' staff, we’d have beaten the Angels four straight.

(courtesy of Mdizzle138 of McC)

Tim Lincecum struck out 14 Atlanta Braves to start the season, and finished off the World Series with 8 innings of 3 hit, 1 run, 10 strikeout baseball. It was fitting that the Freak was the man flaming out the hopes and dreams of the Rangers in Game 5.

(Kudos to NuschlerFace of McC)

The more said about Matt Cain, the better: He finished off his remarkable campaign with 20 1/3 innings of scoreless playoff baseball. He ended up with only two out of three wins. That is above average for a guy who has received cursory run support his entire career--he would probably win only one of these three a year or so ago. The underrated hero deserves all the dap he can get.

(HT Mike Benjamin Hit King of McC)

And when Jonathan Sanchez struggled, Madison Bumgarner picked him up, first in Game 6 of the NLCS, and then in Game 4 of the World Series with one of the greatest pitching performances ever by a rookie.

(HT Wreckonized of McC)

Finally, Brian Wilson somehow outshone his beard and did not give up an earned run, had three saves, and won the critical Game 4 matchup in the NLCS. Add in an incredible bullpen that pitched an amazing Game 6 in Philadelphia to close out the Phillies, including Javier Lopez who shut down Philadelphia's lefties throughout the NLCS, and you have all the right ingredients for an outstanding pitching staff that wheeled and dealed from September to October.

Mark Townsend of Big League Stew with more:

• The Giants went 18 straight games allowing three runs or less in September, which was the longest such streak in Major League Baseball since 1917.
• They continued that success by allowing three or less in nine of their 15 playoff games.
• Four of those game were shutouts — two coming in the World Series against a Rangers offense that led all of baseball in team batting average during the regular season. Their World Series average was .190. Lights. Out.
• We can also confirm their 2.47 postseason ERA is really good.

Edgar Renteria won the World Series MVP, and deservedly so, but they'd better be building some sort of monument to the 2010 Giants pitching rotation, which carried them all through the critical stretch run to the playoffs.

And probably most impressive of all? They're all homegrown. They become the first team to start four pitchers in the World Series that were theirs from the beginning since the '86 Red Sox, and the first to win since god knows when. The only vet in the rotation, Barry Zito, didn't even make the playoff roster. These young Giants stepped up and shut down.




(Another image from the immortal Natto)


MLB World Series 2010: Baseball "Experts" & 49 States Looking Pretty Bad After Picking Rangers

Question: Who are Rob Neyer, Buster Olney, Peter Pascarelli, Eduardo Perez, Karl Ravech, Jim Reeves, Enrique Rojas, Mark Saxon, Jerry Crasnick, Tim Kurkijan, Amy Nelson, Jayson Stark, Gene Wojciechowski, and Keith Law?

Answer: These are the so-called experts from ESPN who picked the Texas Rangers to win. Some of them (Saxon, Perez, Reeves) thought they'd beat the San Francisco Giants in the same number of games the Giants ended up beating the Rangers. And of course, some of these experts picked Cliff Lee to win Games 1 and 5, forgetting of the existence of Tim Lincecum.

McCovey Chronicles took notice of this in the postgame thread (HT humm baby). Jim Caple was the only one to pick the Giants and thus earns their love, and even he underestimated the Rangers!

(HT Badly Browned)

The plebians, obeying the beliefs of the experts, also followed the flock. 49 states (other than California) picked the Rangers to win it all, because apparently whoever beats the New York Yankees is the best team in baseball. (HT wackyspat)

Congratulations experts. Your unending quest to be wrong continues to pay off.


MLB World Series 2010: Giants Win, Giants Win, Giants Win

Edgar Renteria is (likely) exiting baseball in the best way possible, with a World Series MVP. Renteria hit a three-run homerun in the seventh inning to give the Giants a lead they would never give back. Cody Ross singled to start the inning the right way, and was followed by Juan Uribe with a single to center field. Aubrey Huff laid down the first sacrifice bunt of his career, and it was a beauty, advancing the runners to second and third. Another out followed, but then it was Renteria with two outs. He slammed it after a couple pitches were thrown outside. Cliff Lee, (0-2 in World Series) was looking forward to potentially walking him with Aaron Rowand coming up.

The Rangers started to answer back, though. Nelson Cruz put up a solo home run in the bottom of the seventh and Lincecum had a brief scare. He answered with two strikeouts to finish the inning, and then shut down the eighth inning as well, giving way to, who else? Brian Wilson in the ninth. Wilson set down 1-2-3 in dominant fashion to get the save, the sixth for him of this postseason, a postseason he had a win to his credit and no earned runs relented.

Lincecum struck out ten with two walks, three hits and a solo home run in eight innings of action, picking up his second win of the World Series. It was scoreless through six innings and very much the pitching duel we were all promised in game one.

The San Francisco Giants have their first World Series win since 1958. More recap coming soon, folks!


MLB World Series 2010: Rangers Get On The Board

Things are happening right now in game five of the 2010 World Series. After the Edgar Renteria home run in the top of the seventh that put the Giants up 3-0, Tim Lincecum gave up a solo home run to Nelson Cruz with one out to get the Rangers on the board. Vladimir Guerrero had struck out previously. Ian Kinsler worked to a full count and then drew a walk after the home run. Pitching coach Righetti made his way to the mound and after a brief discussion, Lincecum stayed in the game to handle his business.

Then it was all business for Lincecum, who's velocity was slightly down. David Murphy and Bengie Molina were both struck out swinging to end the inning with the Giants leading 3-1. Be sure to take part in the gameday discussion at our San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles as we head into the eighth inning.


MLB World Series 2010: Giants Take 3-0 Lead Off Edgar Renteria Home Run

Cody Ross started things off in the seventh inning with a leadoff single after a long at-bat. Juan Uribe went ahead and singled to center field after falling into an 0-2 count, advancing Cody Ross to second. Up comes Aubrey Huff, who, to everyone's surprise, set down a sacrifice bunt for the first time in his career ... and you could not have witnessed a more perfect sac bunt, advancing Ross and Uribe to second and third with Pat Burrell up to bat.

With one out, Burrell worked for a rather long at-bat, working a full count and looking competent for the first time in the series ... but then struck out. Edgar Renteria was up next, and Cliff Lee worked him outside to start the at bat, putting up two balls before Renteria reached out and smacked a homerun into center field, bringing Ross and Uribe in for the first runs of the game, putting the Giants up over the Rangers 3-0.

Be sure to join in on the gameday discussion at our San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles.


MLB World Series 2010: Giants, Rangers Scoreless Through Five Innings

Not much action through five innings for either team. The first inning saw the Giants get their first hit in the pitching duel, a two-out single by Buster Posey to right field, but he never advanced to second as the inning was ended shortly after. Tim Lincecum set down the first three batters he faced.

Inning two saw both pitchers perfect and inning three was more of the same. Lincecum struck out the side in the third has looked good pitching all night. Cliff Lee hasn't been too shabby either, of course. The only scare he's had thus far was the Buster Posey single and a rather long rally from Juan Uribe of all batters. Lincecum gave up his first hit to Michael Young, but it ended up for naught.

Scoreless through five innings with both pitchers on point, it's the pitching duel we were promised in game one. Lincecum has six strikeouts and Lee has fanned five. Be sure to join in on the gameday discussion over at McCovey Chronicles.


MLB World Series 2010: More On Madison Bumgarner's Game 4 Legendary Pitching Performance

Madison Bumgarner allowed five men to reach base in Game 4—he gave up two walks in the first two innings, and three singles, one apiece to Michael Young, Nelson Cruz and Mitch Moreland (Juan Uribe gave up another man on base on a fielding error). Only one runner made it into scoring position at second base, and none of them reached third or came close to reaching the plate.

He struck out six for good measure, including getting Vladimir Guerrero (a man who has one of the lowest strikeout ratios in baseball) three times. It’s only the second time a left handed pitcher has struck out Guerrero three times in his career and the first time this postseason.

Buster Posey and Bumgarner were the first rookie pairing battery in the World Series since Spec Shea and Yogi Berra in 1947. He’s the fifth youngest pitcher in World Series history, the fourth youngest to win, and the second youngest to throw eight shutout innings (that distinction belonging to 20 year old Jim Palmer).

And this night was his. Grant of McCovey Chronicles waxes eloquently on its signficance.

No matter what the outcome of the series, no matter what nuttiness ensues over final game or three, that was a pitching performance that we’ll bore our kids and grandkids about. We’ll sit on a sunny porch,drinking lemonade and spinning yarns about Madison Bumgarner’s start in Game Four. He threw 104 MPH, he did. He threw sliders that made hitters in the on-deck circle take cover before the balls broke over the plate. He completely broke down one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game in two consecutive at-bats.

Wait, that last one wasn’t embellished. That was a legendary start, and not just in the context of the San Francisco Giants. That was a 21-year-old rookie made of one part grizzled veteran, one part emotionless sociopath, and five parts amazing. Completely unflappable and completely in control.

A rookie pitcher throwing perfect pitches to the rookie catcher who was calling them. A cobbled mix of veterans outhitting and outfielding the opposition. The 2010 Giants are one win away. They’ll have three shots. One win away. The unlikeliness of it all is stunning and beautiful.


MLB World Series 2010: Giants Shutout Rangers 4-0, Lead 3-1 In Series

Scoreless through two, the Giants got on the board in the third inning off of an Aubrey Huff two-run homerun following an Andres Torres leadoff double. It gave the Giants a two-run lead, a lead that they wouldn't relinquish in their 4-0 shutout in Arlington against the Rangers in game four of the 2010 MLB World Series.

Tommy Hunter was done after four innings and was replaced by Alexi Ogando. Ogando pitched a solid inning and then another two-thirds of the sixth before suffering an injury to his side. He set down Travis Ishikawa and Cody Ross in the sixth, worked Juan Uribe to a 1-1 count, and then left the game with said injury. He gave way to Darren Oliver, who finished out the inning and started the seventh.

Darren Oliver gave up a single to Edgar Renteria after getting Travis Ishikawa out with a good pitching sequence. He followed it up by getting Nate Schierholtz out with strikes, but was greeted with Andres Torres, already in the middle of a solid performance. Torres his a monster double line drive to center field, bringing in Renteria from first base to score and give the Giants an insurance run.

The top of the eighth saw them pick up another insurance one off of a Buster Posey home run just after Oliver was replaced by Darren O'Day.

Madison Bumgarner came in and pitched eight shutout innings, giving way only in the ninth to closer Brian Wilson, who sat down the 1-2-3 top of the Rangers lineup. Bumgarner gave up three hits with two walks while striking out six. He was assisted by what may just be the best defensive lineup for the Giants at this point in time. Freddy Sanchez was an absolute monster at second base.

The Giants are one win away from their first World Series title in San Francisco. The series stays in Arlington for one more game and features the game-one matchup rematch of Tim Lincecum versus Cliff Lee. The Giants handed Lee his first postseason loss in Game 1, though Lincecum only went 5 2/3 innings in his start, which wound up being an 11-7 San Francisco win.


MLB World Series 2010: Giants Have Insurance Policy, Get Another Home Run, Lead 4-0

Buster Posey. I mean, can I make an update just say that, because I really should. Aubrey Huff ground out to start the top of the eighth, and then Darren Oliver was pulled in favor of Darren O'Day. Then Buster Posey came up to bat and slammed a home run after taking a couple pitches. This gave the Giants even more insurance with a 4-0 lead.

Cody Ross was the next batter, and he popped out to first baseman Mitch Moreland. Juan Uribe worked to a 2-2 count off of O'Day. Then a full count, making O'Day work for it, but he eventually popped out to first to end the top of the eighth.

Buster Posey is the youngest player in Giants history to hit a home run in the World Series. Be sure to head over to McCovey Chronicles and take part in their gameday thread, that is, if you're a Giants fan.


MLB World Series 2010: Giants Pick Up Insurance Run In Seventh, Lead 3-0

The Giants got another insurance run in the seventh inning. Darren Oliver got Travis Ishikawa out with a beautiful pitching sequence, but Edgar Renteria picked up his third hit of the night with a single to left field to get on base. Nate Schierholtz came up after him and had a decent at bat, but was eventually called out on strikes. Then Andres Torres happened.

Andres hit a monster double line drive to center field, Renteria took off early and was able to score on the strike. With Torres on second, Freddy Sanchez ground out to the pitcher, who tossed it to first baseman Mitch Moreland softly to get the out. The Giants now hold a three run lead in a shutout ballgame going into the bottom of the seventh inning.

Be sure to head over to McCovey Chronicles, SB Nation's San Francisco Giants blog, for their gameday thread.


MLB World Series 2010: Ogando Pitches Well, Has Early Exit

Buster Posey groundout to start the sixth inning. Alexi Ogando then continued his stellar pitching out of the bullpen and set down Cody Ross on a swinging strikeout. Something was wrong though, after working Juan Uribe to a 1-1 count, he called catcher Bengie Molina up to the mound, and eventually had a group of Rangers personnel around him, clutching his side.

His night is done and he'll be replaced by Darren Oliver, which may or may not be good for the Giants. Ogando was setting them down one after the other after he came in for long relief in place of Tommy Hunter. Hunter threw a strike as his first pitch and then got Uribe out on a popout to take it to the bottom of the sixth.

Be sure to head over to SB Nation's San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles, to take part in their gameday discussion.


MLB World Series 2010: Giants Lead 2-0 Going Into Fifth

Madison Bumgarner is playing an excellent baseball game thus far. Inning four saw the Giants threaten with a great hit from Edgar Renteria, but Nate Schierholtz eventually flew out to end the half inning to hold the Giants at two runs.

Bumgarner came out in the bottom of the fourth and gave up his first hit to the leadoff man, a single at Freddy Sanchez who couldn't quite make the dive and throw, but it was an excellent effort nonetheless. On the next at-bat, Josh Hamilton lined into a force-out and Michael Young was out at second with another great Freddy Sanchez play. Vladimir Guerrero struck out for the second time after that, and then the inning was over with one more out.

Alexi Ogando is replacing Tommy Hunter in the fifth as the Giants lead 2-0. Be sure to head over to SB Nation's San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles, and participate in their gameday thread.


MLB World Series 2010: Aubrey Huff Puts Giants Up In Third

Scoreless through two, the Giants got things going in the third. With men on base the previous two innings stranded, they finally put runs on the board in the third. Andres Torres doubled as the leadoff man with a ball that hit the first base bag. Freddy Sanchez had a nine-pitch at-bat but eventually grounded out to third without being able to advance Torres to third. Up came Aubrey Huff, and Tommy Hunter let one hang just long enough for Huff to blast a two-run home run to right field, just left of the pole.

Buster Posey struck out and Cody Ross flew out to right to end the inning, but damage has been done as the GIants lead 2-0 going into the bottom of the third. Madison Bumgarner has yet to give up a run in his World Series debut and Sanchez has played great defense at second base, including tagging out Josh Hamilton on a throw from Posey to end the fourth inning. Be sure to join in on the gamethread over at McCovey Chronicles.


MLB World Series 2010: Baby Steps Come Too Late, Giants Lose Game Three 4-2

Jonathan Sanchez gave up a leadoff double in the bottom half of the second inning. Two outs later, we had the runner on third with Bengie Molina up to bat. He drew a walk to bring up Mitch Moreland. Sanchez worked him to a 2-2 count, where Moreland fouled off six pitches before belting a three-run home run to give the Rangers the lead they'd never relinquish.

They padded said lead with a Josh Hamilton solo home run in the fifth with two outs, that, followed by a walk of Vladimir Guerrero, ended the night for Jonathan Sanchez. The Giants bullpen consisting of Guiellermo Mota and Ramon Ramirez didn't give anything up after that fact, but it was too little too late when the Giants finally got a couple runs.

Cody Ross hit a solo blast in the seventh inning after Pat Burrell struck out swinging for his third time to put the Giants within three. At the top of the eighth, it was Andres Torres who hit a solo home run of his own, bringing the game within two runs. This was followed by Aubrey Huff being hit by a pitch and Colby Lewis being pulled in favor of Darren O'Day with Buster Posey at bat. Posey worked a long 2-2 count, but eventually ground out to end the inning and rally.

Two runs they'd never get, as Rangers manager Ron Washington pulled out all the stops amid previous criticisms by bringing in Neftali Feliz, who absolutely shut down the Giants rally in the ninth without much difficulty.

The Giants lead the series two games to one, and stay in Arlington for game four, a showdown between rookie Madison Bumgarner for the Giants and Tommy Hunter for the Rangers.


MLB World Series 2010: More Baby Steps For Giants, Andres Torres Home Run

Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps for the San Francisco Giants. In the top of the seventh, Cody Ross his a solo home run, and now at the top of the eighth, Andres Torres belted a solo home run to bring the game within two for the Giants. This came just after Edgar Renteria popped out, and was followed by Freddy Sanchez lining out. Aubrey Huff was then hit by a pitch and now Colby Lewis looks to be being pulled with two outs and one on.


As always, join in on the gameday discussion over at McCovey Chronicles.


MLB World Series 2010: Cody Ross Homers Again, But Nobody On Base, Giants Trail 4-1

The Giants need Cody Ross up to bat every inning. He nailed a home run in the top of the seventh inning after Pat Burrell struck out swinging, but there was nobody on base and the Giants trail 4-1. It was Burrell's third swinging strikeout of the night. The inning is over after a Pablo Sandoval flyout, but maybe Cody Ross has got something going here for the Giants.

As always, head over to McCovey Chronicles to follow along with the in-game thread.


MLB World Series 2010: Rangers Increase Lead To 4-0 With Hamilton Homer

Not a good sign for the Giants. The only two updates thus far will be about Rangers home runs. Elvis Andrus hit a single to leadoff the inning, and then Michael Young came up and hit into a double play. Juan Uribe handled the ground ball and launched it to second baseman Freddy Sanchez, who made a side-stepping catch and leaping toss to Aubrey Huff at first to just barely pick up the double play.

Then Josh Hamilton happened, hitting a solo home run that was far and away gone. Jonathan Sanchez walked Vladimir Guerrero after the home run and his night is now done. Guillermo Mota has taken the mound for the Giants. The inning ends when Guerrero takes off for second and Buster Posey threw him out.

Be sure to go to McCovey Chronicles to participate in the gameday discussion.


Rangers Lead 3-0 On Moreland Home Run

The Rangers broke the tie in the second inning on a three-run home run from Mitch Moreland. Jonathan Sanchez gave up a leadoff double before getting two groundouts, with the runner advancing to third. Bengie Molina came up next and drew a walk at a 3-1 count to bring up Mitch Moreland, who took it to 2-2 and kept it there for seven pitches before hitting a line drive homerun up the middle of the field to put the Rangers up 3-0 over the Giants.

Be sure to join in on the discussion over at McCovey Chronicles.


MLB World Series 2010: Pablo Sandoval To DH For Giants

A few of the other beat writers (Scott Reiss, Fletcher) are reporting via Twitter that Pablo Sandoval will be the designated hitter for the Giants in game three against the Rangers in Arlington, Texas. There were a couple possible scenarios leading up to the report, and many billed this as the most likely. There were thoughts that Aubrey Huff could DH with Travis Ishikawa playing at first base, or that Pat Burrell would be the DH. Well, it's not the case, and yes, I do have a propensity to state the obvious.

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